The employees of a company are paid either monthly or weekly, as per the policy of the company. The payment is made through the bank transferor assigning the check to their bank account or by cash distribution. The company having the number of employees need to create paychecks or pay slips for each employee. The paycheck or the payslip is the main statement indicating the income earned and deductions charged.


The Human Resource team along with Finance department is engaged in a once a month or bi-weekly procedure to get calculations made and paystubs created. The company then must hand out these paystubs to every employee.  A lot of time is needed for this entire process.  To bypass this, your company can have its own pay slip through the Check Stub Maker.


Every company has its own policy for deductions and payment criteria. The various details of the employee and the personal information of the payment criteria are altogether very important. The easiest way to customize the pay slip is by entering the details that are asked on the official website of Check Stub Maker and follow the procedure described below:

  1.   Go to the HomePage of the official website and proceed.
  2.   Click on the option that says, “Build Your Pay Stub”.
  3.   Proceed towards the entry of each column that is applicable to you.
  4.   Please be particular about the personal details and the other options related to the employees and the work they are performing.
  5.   After entering all the details, click on the option to “Preview” and have a look at the sample.

The most important part is done creating your slip but be cautious that all information added is correct before final submission.


The payment is made using PayPal and is directly credited to the bank account of the employees, the pay slip is automatically generated and sent via email to the employees of the company. The policy is simple, to provide complete satisfaction to the customers. The various means used to create the pay slip and handling the payment is kept confidential at the part of the provider.

This method is the easiest way to keep a track of pay slips, emailing employees is the best and safest way to deliver the pay slips. The company can now feel relaxed as the stub generator gets triggered it will automatically create those payslips. With the help of this service, your company can concentrate on other important tasks for your organization.

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