Keep Affordable Small Rocket In Your Pocket

It is highly recommended and affordable RC Quadcopter. It is an egg-shaped quadcopter with foldable arms open with one click button which is located on the bottom of Kai Deng K130 ALPHA. It has an unbeatable feature that makes it unique.

KAI DENG K130 ALPHA can use in indoor and outdoor which stood this product in front. Its small size is very comfortable to take anywhere easy as you like. Due to an egg shape, it is very friendly to use the function into the 360-degree dimension. Due to the circulatory function it can take few minute to go to the destination. It has a chargeable battery. Easy to handle for the beginner with automatic ON button in it. This RC Quadcopter can fly at the same height.

Keep it in your space: – It can carry with your pocket very easily. A child can use it. Dimension of Kai Deng K130 ALPHA is 126 x 126 x 64 mm(unfolded) and 50 x 50 x 63 mm (folded) and it is lightweight RC Quadcopter just 0.0350 kg. It has a piece of a rubber band that prevents accidental release of the arms during parcel.

How it works: – Its work with ON button in the bottom of Kai Deng K130 ALPHA and off with the long press of this button. After on the button 4 arms has opened up automatically and LED Light has ON, It indicates that Kai Deng K130 ALPHA ready to fly. With the high-tech remote controller, this RC Quadcopter fly. It flies like a rocket because of the built-in barometer.

Kai Deng K130 ALPHA has good quality that speeds control. Speed can control too high to low, low to high, low to medium and high to medium. Good egg-shaped automatic arm controller and LED Lights in top it.

Features of Kai Deng K130 ALPHA: – the extraordinary feature is automatic arm folder. It handled with some keys button for return, landing, take off, turns off, downward, upward, side down, right up, right down. It contains a battery of 3.7V 200mAh lithium ion. Kai Deng K130 ALPHA appear battery hole. The battery takes 45 minutes for charging and give 6-7 minute fly time to this RC Quadcopter. It is good to take another source for charging the RC Quadcopter. Headless technology make it works freely. Package has included 1 Quadcopter (Battery included), 1 Transmitter, USB cable and 4 Spare Propeller. LED Light has three type of light in it one blue in front, two red ones (on each side) and one red on the rear. Remote control greatest distance is 30-40 meter to be controlled the Kai Deng K130 ALPHA.

Summary: – Incredible look and easy feature make it useful. All over the feature is cute. Good for beginners. Low cost. But it mentionable that take precautions before use the ON-OFF switch because it is so soft and I would strictly recommend charging the battery in every two weeks for preventing discharge that can the result of battery failure.