A Business Owner’s Guide on How to Use TikTok for Marketing


When most companies think of marketing, they think of email campaigns, Facebook and Instagram posts, and maybe even direct mail advertising. However, there is another marketing medium that more and more companies are turning to TikTok.

Over 50 million Americans use TikTok every day, and more than 100 million Americans use it at least once a month. This means that the market reach you have available to you is huge.

However, using TikTok for marketing can be tricky, as, for many people, the app is a whole new world. So how can you get started?

Keep reading to learn about some TikTok marketing tips that will help you successfully use the app to grow your company.

Create a Company Channel

One of the most straightforward ways to help grow your company is by creating your own channel. There, you’ll create and share company videos that highlight all that you have to offer your customers.

By posting content that’s relevant to your business, you’ll help give your customers a taste of what they can expect when working with you. You can highlight everything from the products that you offer to excellent customer service.

Of course, you’ll want the videos you post to be appealing. For the most part, TikTok users are younger, so humourous videos or ones that take advantage of trending songs and hashtags can be a good route to take.

Work With Influencers

Ten years ago, most people didn’t know who or what an influencer was. Now, they are everywhere, and working with them is one of the best ways to give your business the boost you’re after.

Influencers often have enormous followings made up of people who trust them. When they advertise your company, people will listen to what they have to say, and may even go buy your products or services.

Make sure that you work with an influencer who operates in your field. While you don’t have to work with someone in your exact niche, it might not make sense to work with a makeup guru if you run a tech company.

Take Advantage of the TikTok Advertising Options

Aside from doing things on your own, TikTok also offers some different advertising options that you can use. This is similar to the ad options available on Facebook and other apps.

Some promotional options include paying to increase the number of people who see your videos. Others are centered around ad campaigns that use specific songs and hashtags.

Another option is to use a program like SocialBoosting to buy likes. This helps give your videos the foundation they need to become more popular, gaining you additional views and new followers.

Make Sure to Use TikTok for Marketing

Sure, it might not be a conventional way to market your company, but success happens when companies innovate. By using TikTok for marketing, you’ll be able to connect with a massive audience that continues to grow each year.

Do you now have a better understanding of how you can use TikTok for business? If you do, make sure to check out some of our other posts for more business secrets and guides to success.

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