Alternative Engineering: Melbourne’s Best in Engineering and Manufacturing


Are you looking for the best engineering and manufacturing company in Melbourne? Alternative Engineering specializes in creating high-capacity production environments for a wide range of industry, particularly in Food and Beverage sectors. Everything you need, they can provide. All you have to do is ask.

No matter what questions or challenges that may arise, Alternative Engineering’s team of design and project engineers have the knowledge, expertise, and skills who can provide you with the best recommendations and solutions. They have a growing number of clients which helped them build a reputation for outstanding customer service, technical expertise, reliability and high-quality engineering results. You can visit this website for more information about their services.

The Baking Industry

Jayrad Bakery Supplies is the bakery-specific division of Alternative Engineering who specializes in manufacturing as well supplying bakery products to the baking industry all across Australia. They have been operating for over two decades manufacturing products. Some of their products include bun divider plates, plastic shelving, machine guards, cutting boards, rolling pins, sneeze guards, as well as spiral mixer guards.

The Bottling Industry

Alternative Engineer is the experts when it comes to bottling and container handling. They have the best engineering solutions which are composed of engineering design, detailed documentation, quality control, as well as responsive project management. There are the benefits that you can get from Alternative Engineering as a bottling manufacturer. You will get accurate design and measurement.

Alternative engineering is experts who can also give you a fast supply of spare parts. There will be an increase in production that can help you gain industry experience. They have an onsite consultation to help you with your production performance improvements. Here, you would be able to reduce the OH&S issues.

The Canning Industry

Alternative Engineering is involved with Australia’s canners which makes them the best choice in the canning industry. They have a wide range of materials that are industry specific. Alternative Engineering has a vast range of machining capabilities in manufacturing components for original equipment replacement strategies.

The Food Processing Industry

The experience and expertise that Alternative Engineering has with the food processing industry, made them competent in providing professional engineering solutions. From creating the concept, design, drafting, and manufacturing until supply and installation.

Why Choose Alternative Engineering Services

Alternative Engineering is proud to tell their customers that they are on top of new technology while keeping a healthy R&D section for them to continuously improve. They can assure you that whatever you need, they can provide. They have engineering solutions across industries, materials, products, and processes. They can provide you with advice if you consult them for any inquiries or problems.

They are dedicated to bringing their best knowledge together with their new technologies and materials. This is also combined with their understanding of its application in the modern industrial and economic industries. Alternative Engineering has a team of reliable, friendly and innovative people who can help you with the problems and issues that you face in your production team. They are always open to help you improve the productivity and efficiency of your business.

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