Are You a Good Candidate for an International Job in Thailand?


If you are seeking a job in Thailand, you first must understand the differences between an average job candidate and an excellent job candidate. Recruiters consider several factors. First, they consider the applicant’s key achievements. These achievements are the most important section on any resume. Second, they want to find out if the candidate has done something unique in his or her job roles.

Proving You Are the Best Candidate for the Job

The applicants should include supporting evidence and figures to prove their claims. For instance, meeting revenue goals is an important achievement, especially when backed by associated experience. The applicants can use this data to show why they are a good fit for a specific job assignment.

Are You Dedicated?

Third, loyalty is an important component that businesses seek. Work experience in a single role for a one or two-year time period is considered too short of time. If you have over five years’ experience, that amount of experience indicates a healthy level of dedication and loyalty. Commitment should be demonstrated. Otherwise, the reason for leaving a job will be addressed during an interview.

How to Present Your Resume

Recruiters who work with applicants applying for a job in BKK Thailand ask that the candidates provide a resume that contains a logical progression of information. The document should be presented so it looks neat and clean. The length of the resume is also important. You don’t want the job history to span over three pages. International experience through working or studying abroad should be emphasized in the qualifications.

How Have You Progressed?

Most companies in Bangkok and the country of Thailand prefer job candidates with international profiles. Applicants should show they have an understanding of the different cultures in and around South East Asia. Career progress within a company should also be demonstrated. Dividing the responsibilities for each job and promotion, then, is essential. Your resume should show clearly that you were promoted. The ability to speak English is particularly important among Thai job candidates.

Making a Good First Impression

To make a good impression on an interview, a job candidate needs to understand more about the company where he or she is applying. They should get a clearer understanding of what the job roles involve and the key values, cultures, and missions of the firms. Recruiters determine what a company is seeking in a job candidate and then try to find an applicant that can meet a firm’s expectations.

Recruiters who help job-seekers look for jobs in Thailand and other international locales often have access to a specialized network of human resource professionals. In turn, the networks refer job candidates to the recruiters. About half the job applicants are from LinkedIn and various job boards while the other half are recruited.

Social media is not considered a source for job-seeking in Thailand. Therefore, the use of the platform is not related to getting a job. Word of mouth and referrals are considered important, as is obtaining leads from job boards or LinkedIn. However, these venues may only supply about one percent of the employees seeking jobs via these kinds of platforms.

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