Corporate Parties at Christmas Allow Employees to Practice Team-Building Skills


Christmas is a now a holiday that permits employees to practice team-building activities. These activities make party planning a fun and worthwhile occupation. Firms that use the services of such companies as the Hidden Door can make their celebrations unique and memorable events.

Beat the Clock

For instance, one activity involves participants in a race that requires that they complete a series of challenges. Whilst they are engaged in this activity, they also must deliver Christmas gifts. All this must be done before the clock hits zero. Happily, this type of event is suited for people of all fitness levels and ages.

Progressive Dining

Another challenge that can be coordinated with party planning is part of a progressive dining experience. Teams receive clues and must visit a series of pubs in order to complete the challenges. Sampling the menu is also part of the entertainment.

A Game That Requires True Teamwork

Employees can also compete in a team-building event in which they are given a complicated array of fun and intensive tasks. What’s more, the tasks must be performed in a set time limit of two hours. This type of activity really emphasises the teamwork approach with the winning team accruing the most points. This is one of those Christmas party ideas that is worth considering, especially if your event concerns a larger number of employees and you are working within a restricted timeframe.

Bubble Soccer

Companies such as the Hidden Door also offer game play and team-building skills with such party favourites as bubble soccer. Sporting ability does matter as each participant plays the challenge inside an inflatable giant ball. Five people make up each team. A tournament can be created for any corporate Christmas party or event.

TV Game Show Activities

In addition, party planners like to host game show activities for corporate Christmas parties. Game show activities replicate favourite TV games shows such as Don’t Forget the Lyrics, The Price is Right, or Family Feud. This type of interactive entertainment is a pleasant and light-hearted choice of after-dinner entertainment.

Corporate Christmas parties feature such game play as the Amazing Race as well. Based on a popular TV programme, the game requires that teams battle it out in a series of challenges. These challenges must be completed in order to reach the finish line.

Challenges are focused on various countries in order to maintain the theme of the show. Therefore, the locations, challenges, and overall distance can be customised to suit the participating teams.

Make Party Planning as Fun as the Party Itself

As you can see, you can make party planning as fun as the party itself when you divide party-goers into teams. Team activities make it possible to involve everyone in a party’s events. Christmas is especially a time when employees expect more in the way of activities.

If you want to make your party a success, then make sure you include the aforementioned games and team-building events. Doing so will raise your employees’ level of motivation and place your company as a number one venue with respect to company motivational events.

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