Three Options for Additional Business Security


As a business owner, securing your property is one of the most important things that you can do to reduce costs. Whether you have a kiosk, stand-alone store, or factory, you need to have ways to lock up the merchandise and equipment to reduce theft and damage via vandalism. Depending on the type of business you have and where it is located, you can choose from one of these security door options.

Commercial Roller Shutters

Roller shutters can be customised to cover any size door opening for your business. If you have a small storefront on a street, a large warehouse door opening onto a dock, or a carpark that closes at night when your offices do, then a roller shutter security door can be fitted for door and window openings. Commercial roller shutters are made from roll-form aluminium slats covered in enamel with a polyurethane core for insulation.

You can choose to manually operate the security roller shutters or have them motorised so that they can be opened and closed with the touch of a button. Along with protecting the outside of your business from burglars, commercial roller shutters can also be installed indoors to separate areas of your business with a door. If you want to secure equipment or merchandise in part of your warehouse, install a roller shutter door to control access to the area.

The overhead box system that the shutter rolls into when in use is made to prevent windows and doorways from being obstructed. This provides wider clearance if you’re moving large boxes or furniture or if vehicles need to drive into the factory or warehouse. The shutters can also be secured better by installing storm clips on them as well.

Commercial Roller Grills

If your business is in a mall or you want to secure the glass by covering your storefront, you can order commercial roller grills to protect it. Some roller grills are made from PVC to allow displays to be seen while the storefront is protected. Other models are made from extruded plate aluminium slates to provide security with smoother, quieter operation when you open your store in the morning.

They can be custom fit to cover storefronts in malls or on buildings on a city street. The extruded roller shutters provide additional security to stand-alone storefronts as those in malls are already secured because they are in a building that is locked after hours.

Steel Trellis Doors

Whether you have a wide opening or a narrow one to secure, a steel trellis door can be made to fit it. It provides an additional level of security and safety because it can be used to close off parts of a building not in use or to secure expensive merchandise within a warehouse or store. It can also provide an added level of security to a storefront after it is closed for the evening but still allow views of merchandise displays.

If you need additional security for your business premises, consider these three options to keep your building safe and secure.

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