3 Best Pharmaceutical CRM Systems for Your Unique Business


Pharmaceutical industry is not an ordinary and simple one, and every change to its mechanisms and systems is considered a unique challenge. Implementing pharma CRM systems in this field is not an exception. Here we deal with medicine, patients, doctors, with client information, its history, numerous dashboards and databases, so this industry requires excellent attentiveness and high-level security.

Customer relationship management is important for every business, but it becomes exceptionally crucial when we speak of pharmaceutical industry. It’s not about simply dealing with customers, generating public interest by marketing campaigns and advertising new pills, or selling medicine.

Pharmaceutical CRM systems are becoming more and more popular among pharmaceutical companies and organizations who want to be closer to their clients, manage their business processes easily and effectively, as well as market and sell new products more productively. Modern world can’t do without CRM systems, and it does not depend on a specific field or industry. There are various software systems in the market, however only several ones provide the best service required for this field. Here is the list of top ones on the market.

№ 1: bpm’online

Bpm’online pharmaceutical CRM is definitely one of the most popular and trusted ones as the number of users and positive reviews, as well as experts’ opinions show. To learn more about CRM systems and their advantages, please visit the website.

Bpm’online is an all-in-one pharma CRM solution that is well-known for its simplicity, affordability and multichannel support. Bpm’online CRM system has already proven that though pharmaceutical industry is a huge and extraordinary one, it is possible to manage all the processes and automate them efficiently with the help of quality tools and features.

№ 2: ProsperWorks

ProsperWorks is a cloud-based customer relationship management software implemented in various industries including pharmaceutical one. With the help of this unique tool, you can have complete access to your client database and their history, manage your business processes, and optimize workflow and so on. This pharmaceutical CRM has many benefits and great tools including lead tracking, online search, opportunity and lead management, email integration, process management, event management, sales pipeline management, analytics tools and much more. Drag-and-drop functionality and integration opportunities are other great features that make your work even easier.

№ 3: Nutshell

Nutshell is another great cloud-based customer relationship management tool used for several industries, and pharmaceutical one is of course among them. This solution is best known for its advantages such as integration with a range of platforms and systems such as Google Apps, MailChimp, Zendesk, Outlook, PandaDoc, RingCentral and others, unique tools and features including reporting, forecasting and tracking opportunities, task management, ticket, pipeline and task management. iPhone and Android applications of this system allow you to always be updated and in touch with your clients. It also offers unlimited storage and a live support.

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