3 New Must-Buy Smart Appliances


Smart technology is a wave you’ve simply got to ride. The benefits of efficient and user-friendly tech aggregates into money and time saved from unwieldy processes. On top of that, these products are often much more enjoyable to use –and who doesn’t want to feel like they’re living in the future?

Check out these three hot new smart items for ideas on how to make quick upgrades to your lifestyle:

  1. Do The Laundry From Your Living Room

Commercial and vended laundry equipment have struck gold with their incorporation of smart technology into their designs.

Right off the bat, users can enjoy an expanded set of basic functions. Many modern laundry machines come with memory settings which allow users to set up entire cycles to their needs with the press of a single button. You don’t have to memorize the heat or intensity settings for your delicate fabrics, and then switch to a completely different configuration for your linens.

Better yet, manufacturers like Continental Girbau have adapted their units so that users can monitor the progress of their loads from their smartphones. Some are even operable directly from the phone, meaning you’ll only ever need to step into your laundry area to switch loads. We aren’t kidding when we say you can do your laundry from anywhere in the house; smart technology gives you more time away from chores.

  1. Turn Any Room Into A Party

If you can comprehend the idea of fun, then we have a smart device you’re sure to love. Smart lightbulbs can do everything your standard lightbulb can –light up a room when it’s dark, and sit there when it isn’t. The real brilliance (pun intended) comes from its hybrid features: doubling as a bluetooth speaker, and changing colors at the tap of a phone screen.

The applications range anywhere from crazy nights in with friends, to peaceful Sunday mornings set to your “chill out” playlist. These things practically sell themselves.

  1. Ask Your Fridge To Write Your Grocery List

Nobody enjoys staring at an empty fridge and remembering what used to sit there when the times were good and you had a hoard of food to call your own. Science has a fix for this exercise in sadness, with refrigerators that come with built-in cameras you can access from your phone, touchscreens with internet connectivity you can use to order the groceries from the comfort of your own home, and even voice recognition so you can access its features by literally talking to your fridge.

Fine, the vocal recognition may be a bit excessive, but the other features they boast can be a big help for people who are too busy (or too lazy) to either do groceries the old fashioned way, as well as those who are at the grocery, but can’t seem to recall if they were running out of ketchup.

The future is now, dear reader, and the appliances we interact with on a daily basis are getting smarter and smarter. Take advantage of the convenience and connectivity flooding the market, and reboot your lifestyle for the 21st Century.

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