3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to VoIP


Today internet is advancing at a jet speed where instant accessibility on the move from any geographical location is the first priority. One such latest internet technology is Voice Over Internet Protocol which in short is called as VoIP. With this VoIP service, phone calls can travel all over the plateau of internet as a stream of data, the same way as the e-mail does. VoIP has dramatically gained popularity in a very short time for its capability of lowering the telecommunications costs to a large extent and increasing productivity at the same time.

Its features have left the conventional phone technology far behind. Famous service providers like VoIP Canada are now up with this latest service and they suggest all small business entrepreneurs to switch to VoIP for all good reasons. Among many, here are the major ones which would make entrepreneurs give it a serious thought if they are eager to boost their small business with more flexibility and financial interest.

  1. Lowering the Overall Cost of Telecommunication

Within the last couple of years, the VoIP technology has improved. High flexibility in communication with a drastic cut in the telecommunication cost have attracted millions of users and most of them are business entrepreneurs.

As the operating costs of VoIP service is significantly lower than that of traditional phone services VoIP providers can charge much lesser than the traditional phone companies.

With VoIP, there is no need to maintain separate networks for the phones and data which saves in the total cost from another angle.

  1. Increases Flexibility

The phone system in general becomes highly flexible through the VoIP service. VoIP brings certain benefits to its users which till now were never there with the traditional telecommunication systems. Here they go:

  1. a) No Regular Phone Call Charges:

With the access to any broadband connection, one can use the phone anywhere if it is compatible with the VoIP system. This becomes highly beneficial to the employees and customers as they can stay in touch with the business owner on his regular business phone number which would not charge the regular expensive call charges.

  1. b) Speaking through laptop:

Many VoIP service providers offer telephony software through which one can send and receive calls within the computer or laptop by using a headphone.

  1. C) Receiving voice mail and faxes:

One can receive voice mail and faxes through e-mail. One can get all messages pouring in one place, while any voice mail or fax can be archived, shared or forwarded to other recipients.

  1. d) Virtual phone numbers:

with VoIP service a phone number can get any area code beyond the limitation of the assigned region.

  1. Increase in productivity

VoIP phone numbers are meant to be configured simultaneously to establish connection with multiple devices. This results in increasing productivity. With its continual evolving process VoIP technology is becoming more and more compelling with all the new benefits added up.

For any business, be it larger or smaller, having a single IP network with both voice and data packages can be highly advantageous as the IP network can support high-quality, real-time, affordable videoconferencing, with call center applications and many more.

Summing Up:

Small businesses do aspire to become big. Switching to VoIP system could be one of the ladders than can give the initial push through better and economical communication.

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