4 Reasons Why Link Building is Still Important for a Website


As the owner of a small business website, you may be overwhelmed by all of the choices that you have for online marketing. With the introduction of social media sites, you must make sure that you have a presence there as well as continuing the process of on-page optimization on your own site. With all the work that needs to be done for these strategies, you do not want to forget to include to build high-quality links back to your site. It helps your site build trust, form relationships, works long-term and increases the domain authority of your website. An SEO expert at can help you with this strategy.

Building Trust

You must build a relationship of trust with potential customers when they visit your website if you expect them to purchase your products or services. This relationship of trust begins even before a person lands on your website. Typically, when a person is searching for a keyword in the search engines, they will click on the top choices of the search engine rankings. These are typically seen as trusted links by individuals who are searching on the internet. If the pages of your site are not in those positions, you probably will not receive any clicks, customers or sales. Building valuable links back to your website will be one of the steps that you need to take to alleviate that challenge. Google will place the pages of your website in higher positions when other trusted websites link to you. These links indicate that your website is a valuable asset with good information.

Long Term Value

Search engine optimization has the possibility of working over the long term. You must be patient with the process to reap the rewards in the future. The same patience must be taken when you are building links back to your site. It may take time for quality links to be put in place, but this is better than implementing a bunch of spammy links from directories or websites that are not associated with your niche. If you try to create these type of links, it can actually be detrimental to your rankings in the search engines. Be sure to have a professional seo expert examine your backlinks to make sure that there are no excessive link exchanges or low-quality links coming back to your website.

Builds Strong Relationships

The link building process often requires you to ask others for links. This is a good opportunity to create and build strong relationships in your industry. If your site is a leader in providing the best informative content in your niche, it will entice others to build links that go to your information. This also helps send high-quality traffic back to your website as those links are coming from associated sites where potential customers may be searching. Developing relationships may allow you to write a guest post and have it placed on another website that links back to your services, about page or home page. This has the ability to bring in more targeted traffic and possibly develop relationships with new customers as well.

Increases Domain Authority

When high-quality links are built from other websites that are related to your industry, Google sees this as an opportunity to send more potential customers your way. Link building, when done correctly, is still a highly rewarding endeavor that increases PageRank. You must provide a user experience that is worthy of receiving a backlink. To do this, simply focus on creating high quality content that is beneficial. This will entice others to link to your site, this can be done by incorporating a blog into your website and providing case studies, infographs and other quality content that provides value.

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