5 Options for Getting a Business Mailing Address


A prestigious address gives your business a prestigious image.  Many business owners wish if they managed to do this from the beginning. Expert’s advice for those who are starting a business is to get a real business mailing address.

Real addresses and physical locations give your business extra layers of reliability and credibility. You need a mailing address to connect your business with your customers and international partners. You also need a real address to sustain a professional image on business cards, websites and marketing materials.

Can you remember how much time have you spent trying to start your business? Yes, we can imagine ourselves. That is why we are introducing you to your options to get a business mailing address.

Get a Post Office Box from your national Postal Service

Of course the first idea to have a business mailing address is to rent a PO Box from your national Postal Service provider.

This may enable you to receive mail but it will never grant you a real business image. As, you cannot register a business with a PO Box address. Also, an ordinary address will decrease your business reliability and credibility.

You also need to know that national Postal Service is full of hustles. For example, nearly 6,000 mail carriers are attacked by dogs each year. Business mail can definitely go milder than dog bites and you would not like to have an injured official around your business place.

In addition, post offices are open on holidays, but they may close by noon. They do not provide mail delivery on particular days, as well. Above all, the service may be expensive and not highly secured.

Recently, US Post Service suffered from a financial crisis due to the reduction in mailing paper letters. They decided that delivering mail 6 days a week is no longer cost effective. Consequently, you may suffer from some delays in mail forwarding.

Get a private PO Box from a Postal Service approved provider

Mail is a big business! Another very valid option is to get a PO Box from a Postal Service approved provider. It may be a little expensive.

In addition, you will always need to check over holidays mailing deadlines, seasonal post office hours, collection schedules, and security tips; in order to avoid any fraud or malicious hoaxes.

Rent an office space

Renting an office space is a trending solution, to have a business mailing address. It provides you with a mailing address in addition to a mail receipt and forwarding services.

There are different teams to deal with different businesses. Various industries prefer to rent an office space to get a business mailing address. Among these businesses that can highly benefit from renting an office space are; legal firms, technology corporates, healthcare providers, advertising and media agencies and finance and real state.

Rent an office space from a local business

This is a think out of the box idea! Renting an office space can be very expensive which will not suit small-businesses and startups. Thinking in creative ways can definitely save lots of money as well as effort.

An innovative trending solution is shared office space corporate bodies. These companies offer you a package of services that includes everything your business may need. Of course you get a real work address in addition to many services to assist your business moves forward.

Get a UPS Store Private Mail Box

The UPS will provide you with a real street address not just a PO Box number. It comes along with a package of notifications, 24-hour access and some other features. You can always check over any new mail before you travel or take a holiday.

There are business mailbox along with personal ones. If you are a business owner having a real street address will provide you with the business image you aspire for. The UPS provides you with a variety of services that the post office does not. It is a solution to save your money and time.


Get a virtual Mail Box

Hail to modern technology! A virtual Mail Box will provide you with a prestigious local address. A prestigious address gives your business a prestigious image. This is a key benefit of a virtual mail box.

It is an advantage to have a real professional address on your business cards, website and marketing materials. Customers always look for companies with a prestigious business address. It gives your business more credibility to have a professional address for mail forwarding and professional dealings.


Apple cofounder and former CEO Steve Jobs believed that people do not know what they want until you show it to them. It happens a lot that business owners and starters are not familiar with all the secrets of the international business lounge. They may lead to many difficulties.

There are some ideas that will assist you a lot to expand your business and keep a certain level of reliability. Your business mailing address is definitely an item that you should never drop. Business image became part and parcel of the technological era.

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