How to Renew Car Insurance Online


The moment you buy a car, you are also required to buy an insurance for the same. The reason behind it being that the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 mandates all vehicles on the Indian roads to have insurance. To secure yourself from uncertainties and to abide the legal bindings, we somehow manage to get our vehicles insured on time. As and when the car insurance policy renewal date nears, we rush to the insurer’s office to get the insurance renewed on time.

But, my question is, why run behind the insurers physically, when you can renew your car insurance policies online with the click of your mouse? It would save your time, energy and most importantly your money too.

Third Party Liability

This is the default insurance type and the insurer doesn’t stand to benefit from this financially. In case of any unforeseen events which leads to death or damage to the third party individual or their property, this comes in handy.

Collision Cover

This coverage ensures that you are covered from any damages caused to your car by an accident. . Events such as vandalism or theft are not covered as part of Collision Cover.

Own Damage

This is sometimes referred to as comprehensive insurance as well. It provides the insurer with a wide variety of coverage such as the default third party liability, damage of your vehicle, theft and/or personal accident insurance. Personal accident insurance is usually provided ascomprehensive insurance. However, some insurance companies give you the option to either add it or skip it. It you are someone who travels a lot, it is advisable to add personal accident insurance.

Renew Insurance Online

Change in times call for change in measures and techniques. This is exactly what one can see in the insurance sector now. Instead of walking into the offices of insurance company or spending time holding the line for the operator to pick up the toll-free call, there is an alternative. Buying insurance online is fast becoming a norm. There are several advantages as well.

  • Lower Premiums

As you don’t need to  go through the normal cycle of agents and intermediaries, online insurance turns out to be cheaper. Since you directly buy the insurance from the companies, there are no additional costs involved. The benefits are handed over to you  with lower premiums.

  • Comparisons

You can compare quotes, features, inclusions and exclusions of different insurance companies online. Apart from being able to get the cheapest insurance premium, you  can also take a look at different features provided by different insurance companies.

  • Convenience

With so many value added services provided by the insurance companies, it becomes convenient to manage the renewal process smoothly. You can avail the live chat option and ask your queries to the insurers directly which are responded to you immediately

  • Faster Turnaround Times

Buying insurance online ensures that the documentation phases which can turn cumbersome at times, is really smooth and quick. Most of the documents are present online, meaning easy to edit and process. Additional documents required can also be sent online, which makes processing much faster and more efficient.

  • Safer payments

Any payment that you make online are processed through secured payment gateways. This eliminates any misconduct, fraud or any financial threat. You funds can be traced efficiently and therefore any cases of loss of money gets ruled out. You just need to have a debit or a credit card or a net banking account.

How to renew car insurance online

After understanding the above details, the next question is how to renew the car insurance online. The simplest way is to visit the website of insurance companies and follow the steps mentioned. The most commonly asked questions are name, contact information, email address and vehicle registration number. Once you fill up these details, the website helps you with the remaining processes. The insurance companies would send you notifications and timely reminders for renewals.

The second option is to make use of comparison websites. There are few online portals like which allow you to compare quotes between the policies provided by different companies. They provide you with details about the features and possible premiums that you would end up paying. You can then choose the right policy for your car insurance and proceed with the documentations.

Buying car insurance online also gives you the added advantage of selecting riders and instantly checking how they affect the premium prices. Add-ons are additional covers that you can opt for your car insurance, which come at additional premiums. Some common ones are:

  • 24×7 road side assistance
  • Expense for consumable of vehicle
  • Covers for personal baggage

Buying new insurance or renewing insurance online has lots of benefits. Your insurance premiums come down, you can avail better services, can lower turnaround times and most of all convenience. Renewing your car insurance online before time, would help you reap a lot of benefits. You need not be tech savvy to avail these benefits, as there are a host of friendly features to help you through. Hope we have clearly given you information on How to renew car insurance online This article will help you clarify all your doubts


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