5 Overlooked Details to Consider When Buying Insurance Leads


The successful generation of insurance leads plays an integral role in the success of insurance agents, and is a marketing aspect of the position which is rooted in the sales industry. With a hard working and unique approach, effectively generating new leads is a real possibility, and if frustrations are faced in the early stages it is important to be persistent and stay focused.

Agents can either generate leads themselves, outsource specific areas or buy a lead outright from a lead service, with the final two options being more feasible in relation to the otherwise costly and time consuming nature of the endeavor. To learn more about Insurance Lead Providers, websites such as http://best-insurance-leads.cubereviews.com give a comprehensive overview of the best insurance leads on the market, helping you to make a reliable decision which is tailored to your individual preferences.

There are multiple factors to consider with lead generation, including the costs involved, lead quality and the value of their time, and with a diverse approach which incorporates multiple methods, agents will successfully generate more leads, which is highly dependent on factors such as competition, target audience and sales style. When using Insurance lead providers, agents often make the mistake of focusing on common details such as line, lead cost, method of delivery and filters, and though these are important, there are a few other factors to determine which provider is suited to your individual needs.

Average Buyers Per Lead

Most lead companies fail to promote the significance of this detail, but with shared leads it is very important to understand how many other agents are receiving the same lead as you. This will give you an idea of the competition you are up against, allowing you to configure ways to separate yourself from the rest and prepare for lucrative success.

Is A Contract Required?

This is a crucial detail to consider before making a final decision, since the last thing you want is to find yourself tied up in a long term contract. Luckily, most major insurance lead providers don’t require a contract, but be sure to find out before you agree to anything.

Lead Return Policy

Insurance lead companies do their best to filter out bogus leads, but it is difficult to be 100% successful. This means that a few bad leads are bound to filter through, and providing you choose a company with a return policy, you are well within your rights to return the lead within a ten day window of purchasing.


Everyone loves getting something for free, and insurance lead companies will often have promotional offers at various points throughout the year. These should be capitalized to good effect, and by understanding which deals are most suited to your individual needs, you can collaborate with appropriate providers and take full advantage of deals such as free leads.

Exclusive Lead Options

If you don’t want to share leads with competitors, exclusive leads are highly recommended as an effective way to drum up new business. Here you are the only agent who receives the consumer’s contact information, and though they are more expensive, your chance of securing a sale is greater because you are the only person contacting the prospect.

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