5 Reasons To Hire A Temp Agency For Your Business


Temporary staffing agencies offer businesses temp employees to work for short periods of time. While business owners like yourself would normally have to hire employees on your own, a temp agency has their own employees that work for a business. The temp worker is still an employee of the agency, receiving their pay and benefits from them. Meanwhile, the business pays the temping agency for the employee on an hourly basis. This hourly rate is typically higher than what the employee receives directly because of the profit taken by the agency. Still, when it comes to short-term work, there are still many reasons for businesses to hire a temp agency.

Save Time On Hiring

Firstly, businesses find staffing companies in order to save time on hiring. If a business has to hire an employee for a temporary project, they still have to post a job description, schedule interviews and select a candidate. The entire hiring process can take away valuable time from running the actual business. In contrast, a temp agency provides a temp employee right away. Sometimes, they can provide a worker in as little as one day or less. This is an ideal solution for businesses who may need help for only a week or month at a time. Of course, it would be wasteful to spend weeks hiring someone for a one-month position. Using a temp agency, your business would save plenty of time in the hiring process.

Find People Who Can Work

In addition to saved time, temporary staffing agencies provide people can start working right away. Since agencies work closely with businesses, they come to understand exactly what they business needs. Then, the agencies are able to find people who can actually come in and start working right away. This is a great benefit to businesses who are having trouble finding the right talent for their positions. Regardless of the position technicality, agencies have the ability to provide talent for entry-level and senior-level positions. By working with a temp staffing agency, businesses can hire people who can perform in the roles that are needed most.

Respond To Market Demands

One of the major reasons to hire a temp agency, business have total flexibility. Since the workers are not direct employees, you can bring them on or let them go at any time. It is much easier to ramp up your work during busy seasons. Or, it’s less emotionally draining to scale back operations during a downturn. This level of flexibility is harder to achieve for businesses that do not want to take on the liability of hiring and firing or high turnover rates. Temp agencies can provide that flexibility to meet the demands of your market in real time.

Backed By A Staffing Agency Guarantee

Moreover, when businesses hire temp workers, the agency usually offers a guarantee. If the employee does not work out within a given time period, the agency can provide you with someone else. Additionally, the business can tell the employee to leave at any time. Usually, you would have to re-hire or take on all the risk of losing someone yourself. Rather, a temp staffing agency provides a guarantee that lowers the risk of someone not working out. Naturally, having a guarantee gives your business added protection and security that the work will get done as required.

Gain Access To A Larger Talent Pool

When hiring a temp agency, businesses get access to a larger network of job candidates. Every company only has a finite amount of time and resources going towards their human resource efforts. In these situations, they are more likely to interview only candidates with a close matching resume to the job description. With a temp agency, they have a larger talent pool that could bring in other qualified candidates that your business would have never looked at. These candidates can be more confident at work because of their diverse experience and skill set. Certainly, having access to a larger network of job candidates could provide the additional talent to grow the business.

A temp agency can help businesses fill short term positions in many ways. The right agency can save time on the hiring process, finding the right people, training and paying employees. Moreover, a temp agency gives business the flexibility to hire people or scale down in a matter of days. With the added benefits of a guaranteed position and access to larger networks, businesses have quite a few reasons to hire a temp agency.

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