5 tips to keep in mind if you want to change to Mac


Switching to Apple’s operating system from Windows may take some time to get used to, but it’s not really a difficult transition.

In early June, Apple introducedits new desktop operating system, High Sierra , along with a powerful range of iMac computers . It is possible that some users, especially professionals, have been attracted by these developments to the point of considering abandoning the old Windows. If you are one of these novice users of Apple computers, maybe these basic tips will be useful:

  1. The Command key is your friend.

In general, shortcuts are not the most used part of Windows. But on Mac, they are an essential part of the user experience. For example, unlike Windows, pressing the red X does not leave the program you are using; it is only removed from the screen. To exit the application, it is easy and convenient to use the shortcut Command + Q.

  1. The touchpad is very versatile.

The Mac touchpad allows many more actions than Windows laptops. Thus, clicking with two fingers is how to press the right mouse button in Windows, while the three-finger scroll is used to switch between open applications.

  1. Everything is upside down.

One would say that computers that work with MacOS, as with Ubuntu, look like PCs looked through a mirror. The Minimize and Close window buttons are at the top left instead of the right, and the most important options appear at the top, not at the bottom. It takes a little getting used to, but in the end it is handled as instinctively as in Windows.

  1. Installing applications is a bit confusing.

The installation of software on Mac is done through the App Store or through a relatively simple drag-and-drop process. But if you are used to pressing “Next” in a series of installation instructions in Windows, this process may be a bit strange. To install applications, a disk image or an .app file is downloaded. Next, you have to drag and drop it into the Applications folder, which can be found through the search application. Then you can start it from the Applications folder without major problem.

  1. If you can not do without Windows, nothing happens.

sIt is possible that you do not have the resources to acquire the Mac version of all the programs that you have installed on your PC (or that you miss the games). For this eventuality, the Macs have a utility known as Boot Camp, which allows to install Windows or any other operating system on the computer. Once you have a Windows ISO, the Boot Camp wizard will help you create a partition on your computer. From there, you can choose to run Mac OS or Windows whenever you start your Mac.

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