5 Ways to get your personal loan approved in India


A personal loan is also referred to as a kind of unsecured loan which is provided by many financial institutions. Being termed unsecured, personal loans do not carry the requirement of collateral. These loans are given to aspirants solely based on their credit history and the ability to repay the loan from their income. Getting a personal loanmay seem like a child’s play as you might have seen in a plethora of emails and SMS campaigns. But this is not as simple as it looks. But here is the list of 5 ways that make availing this type of loan easier.

  1. Have a good credit score

Credit scores play a significant role in the decision-making process of banks. Based on your credit score, banks decide whether or not to provide you with a personal loan. You should note that your debt calculates credit scores to credit ratio, and how punctually you have repaid any previous loans. Interestingly, the more punctuality you have on your credit payments, the higher your credit score will be. In case you don’t have a good credit score, and it is better to improve it.

  1. Find the right lender

It is a commonly observed fact that various lenders have different eligibility criteria and loan charges. Hence, always try to avoid randomly applying to banks. It is still a viable idea to make the comparison online to be aware of which bank’s eligibility criteria you can meet. There are many online sites which would help you to assess your capabilities to qualify for a particular lender’s eligibility criteria. These online sites would help you with interest rates, prepayment charges along with processing fees. Hence, with the help of these online tools, you can easily choose the best option which best fits your bill.

  1. Calculate your affordability

It is always a good idea to assess your affordability before opting for personal loans. It is usually said that applying for a loan amount which you won’t be able to pay will lead to the rejection of your application. Always remember that before sanctioning the loan, the lender will always calculate your repayment capabilities, which are based on your regular income. But, if you want to do it yourself, then you can utilize various online tools. The best way will be to be aware of your limits before applying for a loan to avoid rejection.

  1. Avoid sending out multiple loan applications

If you want to avail personal loans fast, then avoid sending out various loan applications. A lot of individuals are of the opinion that applying to multiple lenders for loans can increase their chances of approval. However, this is entirely wrong. To apply for personal loan, always concentrate on a single application. Limiting your loan applications is also a great way to avail an investment in a faster manner.

  1. Don’t apply for a loan while repaying your previous ones

As a general rule, always try to maintain a gap of six months between successive loans. Also, refrain from applying for loans when you are repaying your previous ones. The lenders will see this as an added burden on your finances, and most probably will reject your application. Financial institutions always see how feasible it is for you to repay the loan amount. It is usually done to mitigate risks from the end of the financial institution.

Your loan application is a form of marketing and to make it successful, you need to ensure that you qualify as per the eligibility criteria of the banks. Apply to lenders patiently and look for a loan with a low-interest rate.

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