6 important Car Insurance resolutions for 2017


New Year’s Resolutions are a typical tradition to bring the New Year with desire and ambition for the months to come. Unfortunately, resolutions are famous for not being followed. In fact, studies report that only 8% of resolutions made are truly followed. Most of them are discarded in the first few weeks of January. The remaining start fading away slowly as one starts working towards its personal goals.

Fortunately, there are some insurance resolutions which can be achieved in first few weeks of the new year.

Here are 6 important Car Insurance Resolution for 2017 which can be done at the beginning of 2017.

  • Car Insurance renewal

Car insurance is mandatory in Indian Laws for every owner. Any failure in getting your Car insured or renewing your existing policy is penalized by road traffic authorities. Thus, it is necessary to update your car insurance policy on time so that you can avail all coverage and benefits offered by the insurance company. Therefore, renew your car insurance policy on timely basis to avoid facing troubles in future.

  • Check IDV

IDV is referred as Insured Declared Value. At the time of Car Insurance Renewal, do not pay off anything until the insurer asked you. You should check the IDV of your car and find out whether premium amount is justifiable or not. If you are unhappy with premium amount, then negotiate or change your insurer.

Also, make sure that while renewing your comprehensive policy, premium is determined by this factor. Higher the IDV, higher will be the premium amount and vice versa. Thus, you must accordingly adjust your IDV value, as per your choice. Furthermore, Car Insurance Renewal can be done online also.

  • Resolve to never drink alcohol and drive.

Take a resolution that you will always drink iced tea or tonic water with lime when you halt during a ride. Instead of just promising to never drink beer or wine, find a non-alcoholic drink that you would always order on a ride. As per recent survey, between 30 and 50 percent of accidents take place because of alcohol intake. Thus, resolve to never drink alcohol and ride.

  • Use seat belt or face consequences

It is important to wear your seat belts while driving a car. Use of seat belts will save your life in case of any unforeseen incident. It has stated that more than 60 percent of people could have saved their lives if they had worn their seat belts. Thus, buckling your seat belt is the easiest and safest thing you can do while driving. So, do it!

  • Don’t get distracted while driving

This is one the most dangerous act. Most of the accidents occur due to distractions while driving. It is important to first pay attention to the road rather than doing multiple things while driving. Some of the common distractions are talking on the mobile phone, typing messages, eating or drinking, etc.

  • Shop around for Car Insurance Online

Instead of wasting time in searching for agents who could provide you various policies. It is better to shop around online for car insurance. Firstly, search for quotations from various insurance companies on their respective websites. Before that, ensure your budget, i.e., how much you can afford?

Now, accordingly decide what all coverages are required at this point of time. After this, apply for at least 3 quotations from different providers. Then, do a research on those companies. Finally buy a Car Insurance policy that provides good deals at affordable price.

  • Car Accessories Insurance

While buying a car insurance policy, mostly people don’t opt for car accessories insurance until it is a luxurious car. In case of any accidents, this basic car insurance cover applies only to the car ant to the accessories in the car. So, take a resolution of opting for separate add-ons for accessories. Though, your premium amount might increase but it would be cost-effective in case of any damage caused to the accessories in the car.


So, make 2017 happy and cheerful by following the above resolutions in your life. Therefore, do your car insurance renewal on time to stay away from troubles in future. Thus, avail all benefits from the resolutions. Drive safely, relax and enjoy your New Year!

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