6 Parking Lot Maintenance Tips



Although it doesn’t seem like a difficult task, a parking lot needs to be well maintained to prevent damage to vehicles and to make a good impression on visitors to the business. Parking lots need to be monitored by business owners or building supervisors for oil deposits, cracks, standing water, and fading lines. Here are six tips for keeping your company’s parking lot in good shape.

Sealcoat the Lot

After a parking lot has been laid and cured, having a sealcoat applied will prevent deterioration. Sealing the lot can keep the concrete or asphalt from developing cracks and, if there are cracks, they can prevent them from widening. Ideally, a parking lot should be resealed every two to three years so your parking lot continues to stay in good shape.

Regularly Inspect the Lot

It’s a good idea to visually inspect the parking lot so cracks, pooling water, fading or incorrectly laid lines, and other problems can be found. Also, when a maintenance crew is mowing the lawn or picking up garbage, have them report any problems they spot. With regular inspections, small issues can be kept in check so they don’t develop into major problems.

Remark the Parking Lot

The lines of a parking lot should be easy to see and parking spaces clearly marked. If the lines are faded, it can be hard to distinguish them in bad weather, such as when it is raining heavily. When line marking in Gold Coast needs to be done, the company doing it can help make sure your parking lot has the required number of handicapped and van spaces so your business is compliant with regulations.

Remove Chemical Stains Immediately

Leaking fluids from motors can cause damage to the surface of a parking lot, so it is important to remove oil and fuel stains as soon as possible. The chemicals within these fluids can seep into the asphalt or concrete on parking lots, causing them to breakdown faster. There are cleaners you can buy to clean and help remove these spots.

Sweep it Clean

Hire a street sweeping service to clean the parking lot on occasion to remove trash and accumulating debris. Having the parking lot clean will prevent debris from clogging the drains, which would allow water to accumulate and damage the surface. In addition, it will help reveal any new problems on the parking lot so repairs can be made.

Fix “Birdbaths” on the Lot

If you find puddles of standing water, called birdbaths, on the parking lot, you need to repair those areas. Water will cause instability in the concrete or asphalt and it will soon create potholes. Potholes are not only unsightly but can cause damage to cars driving over them. Fill in the cracks and any potholes you find on the surface of your parking lot, no matter how small.

Keeping a parking lot in good repair makes a good impression on customers and anyone who passes by your business. Along with a nice aesthetic appearance, a well-maintained parking lot looks safer and will help attract business.

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