7 Good Reasons Why You Will Never Buy Car Insurance Anywhere Else but Online


You bought a smart phone, shoes, furniture and what not online…But still tentative to buy car insurance online? Take a quick glance at some of its superb benefits!

Today due to digitalization, I am very much sure you most possibly bought some stuff or the other online. Right from shoes, clothes, flight and train tickets to smart phones, almost EVERYTHING is available online! With the rising technology, today we see older members from our families too hitting hard on WhatsApp and Facebook!

But when it comes to insurance, why do we hesitate to buy online? Believe me, it’s neither any different nor difficult to buy car insurance online. So, if you get jitters for online payments due to some misconceptions or may be because you are completely unaware of how the whole thing works, this article is MEANT FOR YOU!

7 Good Reasons Why You Should Buy Car Insurance Online

Thanks to the introduction and increasing usage of apps and smartphones, insurance companies are now being able to reach out to your insurance requirements online. Let me give you 8 good reasons why should not consider to buy car insurance anywhere else but online!

  1. It is quick & paperless

We all know that getting into any sort of paperwork is so annoying. It can also be messy at times. If you go to buy car insurance offline, trust me you would go bonkers filling up and signing the lengthy insurance forms.

Though buying car insurance online might not be as quick as the 10-sec Snapchat or 30-sec Gif funny videos, yet it is quick in its own way. It is very simple and the entire process is quick because it involves very few steps.

And don’t you forget, you are saving the Mother Nature by going PAPERLESS.

  1. It is much cheaper than buying offline

We just discussed, that we are saving the environment by purchasing car insurance online. Besides, insurance companies also offer lower rates online since there is zero paperwork involved.

This is because insurance companies save a lot of money on operational work, which in turn gets passed on to you.

  1. Instant policy issuance

Getting a car insurance policy online not only saves your time for the documentation, but also gets you instant policy. The moment you buy car insurance online, the policy soft copy is sent to you within seconds on your email id.

This is because the processing of all the information online is instant and so is the policy issuance.

  1. Hassle-free endorsements

Endorsement is nothing but change of any particular detail/details in your policy document. For any offline endorsement, you need to re-submit your rc copy and other required documents along with the endorsement form.

But, if the endorsement is processed online, you simply have to give a self-declaration on email at the click of a button.

  1. Your documents are saved in one place

Once you buy car insurance online, your information gets backed-up in the insurer’s database. So, whenever you wish to buy another policy or renew your car insurance online, you need not enter all the details all over again.

You also have the freedom to access your policy details as and when you want.

  1. You can read the reviews of the insurance companies

Like we check the reviews of any stuff that we wish to buy online, you can also look for the reviews of the insurance policies and the companies you wish to opt for. You get an idea about the car insurance policy and the company you wish to purchase online.

Besides, you can compare the features, benefits and quotes with different insurers. This would also help you get a policy suitable as per your need and your pocket too!

  1. Timely reminders for renewal

Buying car insurance online, also acts like a reminder calendar for you. Yes, once you buy the car insurance online, you get timely reminders via sms and email by the insurance companies or the online portals like Coverfox.com, in case you bought one from them!

It also becomes easy for you during renewal since you need not reload your details all over again!

Why people are still reluctant to buy car insurance online

There are so many benefits of buying car insurance online, yet so many of us still remain unconvinced. Let’s now have a look at the misconceptions about buying online insurance for car.

  1. Reliability

Thanks to digitalization, the whole world is now transacting online. This is because most of us find it convenient and reliable to make payments online. Insurance is also nothing different. All your transactions are monitored strictly with global security standards. Your transitions can be tracked successfully and are therefore absolutely safe.

  1. Genuineness

Any insurance company or online portal that issues insurance policies are registered with The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI), which is 100% genuine. IRDAI observes the authenticity and malpractices of the car insurance policies sold online.

So, don’t worry, the BIG BOSS is watching each activity that happens online.


So, now that you know how quick and convenient it is to buy insurance online, why pay physical visits to the insurance agents or companies and waste time, money and energy. Embrace the new technology and grab the superb deals available online.


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