7 Things Startups Should Consider While Opening Their First Office


Opening a first office for your startup is an overwhelming task. You are supposed to build a proper work environment where your employees can be productive and safe. Ensuring your office qualifies with industry standards requires thorough planning and careful execution. In this article we are compiling a list of 7 important items you should consider while opening your office:

  1. Finalize Your Requirement

This is the first and the foremost consideration before you open your office. You must carefully chalk down your needs. Think of the present size of your company and include the work area, conference/meeting halls as well as storage provisions. While every company considers their present requirements while searching for office space, they often forget to include future expansions. This leads to relocation which can be a costly and time consuming affair.

  1. Make Your Budget

Let’s face it! Shifting to a new place is going to cost you money. You must decide on the budget for your new office as early as you can. While deciding the budget, be honest with your books and consult an accountant if you want. The total budget for moving into your new office does not consist of security deposit, rent and shifting expenditure alone. You must also include the cost of getting new equipments and setting up communication and infrastructural facilities.

  1. Location Is Crucial

When it comes to business, location is more than just address. It becomes a reflection of your identity. Getting an office at the prime location might cost you a fortune but it can give your company prestige and visibility. Your customers should be able to reach your office easily. Think of the commute time of your employees as well. If your business involves frequent travel, airport and local transportation services must be approachable.

  1. Get Right Equipments

Consider buying latest and standard equipments to increase the productivity of your employees. This has an added advantage of boosting the confidence of your employees. High-end servers and data storage devices are must for any startup in today’s digital era. Surely you can opt to get cost-effective options to furnish your office but ergonomic chairs can have several benefits on the productivity of your employees.

  1. Invest In Safety Alarm

This might seem like an unwanted expenditure; it definitely pays off in the long run. The latest technological advances have made these alarms very effective with reduced response time. One such example is Duress alarm which integrates internal and external alerts to different agencies. Today’s safety systems provide sufficient safeguard against online as well as offline intrusion.

  1. Make A Good First Impression

Your new office is more than a working area for your employees. It is also a place for meeting new prospective clients. It’s therefore important to make a good first impression. You office should reflect the core values of your company. The name and logo of your company must stand out at the entrance. Also, pay special attention to the reception of your office to make a good impression and leave your clients in awe.

  1. Make The Move

Once you have everything in place at your new office, it’s time to bid farewell to the place where it all started! Ensure that the basic services like internet and telecommunication are up and running in your new office before you move. Also, don’t forget to update the new address in your website and business cards. A short email to your clients can help them to connect better with you.


Opening your first office requires a great deal of planning, budgeting and execution. However, all this hard-work can save compounded time and money at the later stage. We hope that considerations mentioned in this article can help you in opening your first office.

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