8 Reasons Why You Need Account Management Solution


It’s very important for organisations to maintain a level of security when it comes to protecting of the data. These data are very valuable and if there is some kind of leak, then it can cause a havoc.

Cyber threats have become a common practice in this digital generation, therefore it is very important to take precautions and protect data at all cost.


Here we list down few needs why Account Management system is essential now a days:-

  1. Employees can be a threat to your organisation-

It is very important for companies to opt for Account Management Solution as it limits the administrative access and also prevent unauthorized logins. Since employees familiar with the company’s system and data, it is very important to prevent hacking.

  1. Simplifies operations-

An Account Management Solution helps organisations operate in a phased approach. It helps the company to meet immediate requirement and also expand in the other areas as well.

  1. Majority of breaches can be avoided-

If an account management solution install, then manual or automatic approval to access can be granted. Also ticket system implementation gives a complete control over the access of these accounts.

  1. Problem in managing passwords:-

Companies often fail to manage passwords keep their key accounts safe. This mainly happens because individual accountability cannot be tracked while managing these accounts. Therefore, is important to implement account management system so each and every access is monitored

  1. Manually password change can cost you a lot-

Every year companies lose a huge amount of man hours do to change in passwords of key account. Thus, is implementing an account management solution is the answer. This system will automatically generate passwords throughout the entire organisation, thus saving time and also pumps up the security.

  1. Proper visibility-

Account management system provides full visibility of the activities of the key accounts. Everything can be tracked as to who is using it, for what they are using and when they are using. By implementing this system, it is very difficult to use these accounts for the wrong purpose as each and every activity is monitored.

  1. Prevents the need of hard coded passwords-

Account management solution eliminates the need of hard-coded passwords so developers, who have an upper hand, won’t pose a threat to the key accounts.

  1. Auto-Discovery

By implementing a proper account management solution, it becomes easy to discover and also to delete users and systems. In an organisation, systems come online and of offline. For users also, they join and leave. Therefore, account management system scans the entire network to discover or delete users and systems. Such auto discovery is possible when am account management solution is implemented.


Seeing the above points, it has become very evident that in a world of data or systems, implementing such account management solutions is very vital. With the rise of cyber crimes and cyber threats companies over the years have faced huge losses due to leakage of data and account hacking.

Each and every access to any key account must be monitored to avoid audit failure. And for such, the only solution is to implement an account management system.

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