A Comparison of Contentmart vs iWriter vs Contently


There are many different parameters & features that can clearly differentiate contentment, iWriter & contently from each other. There are some features which are suitable to content developers while others are more suitable for content seeker. Following are the comparative analysis between three major freelancing giants:

Whom they are targeted to?

  • Contentmarket is a content bazaar that not just supports the authors and copywriters but also to those who are looking for the content.it targeted to corporates, bloggers & E-commerce sites for developing the content through content writers.
  • iWriter has quite wide audience they cater to. They not just focus upon media & press releases but also upon the articles as well as kindle books & reviews. So in short anything & everything that can be written is provided at this place.
  • Contently has widen the scope of content like never before. They are not just developing the content but also distributing & optimizing it. They have updated the definition of content writing world.

Business policy

  • Contentmarket has very simple philosophy those who are in need of a quality content, whether it is business writing, web page content writing, articles, blogs, travelogues or even academic writing, it is a platform that is solely dedicated to content which they can trust. This platform will help them to reach out to the serious individual authors and editors.
  • iWriter is running the business on the basis of providing more than excellent services to their clients. Their turnaround is as fast as a 30 minute! Which is quickest
  • Contently’s policy has tools to update every single step of the content creation process starting from meaning ideation, writing, teammate messaging, revising, approvals, and more all happen in place.






  • Contentmarket is the only content provider that does not provide any services apart from writing content to their clients. With such a promising prospective, Contentmarket has a long way to go for an eminent content business.
  • iWriter will able to provide you the content on any topic. You name it & they will write it for you.one of the most unique service that they provide is ‘review before you pay’. These services let the collaborators review their content before they have to pay for it. The variety of content writers one will get here is mesmerizing. They have quite a great services including amazing turnaround time.
  • They call them ‘more than content or marketing company’. And they are not even wrong about it. Contently is a technology company that helps brands create great content at balance. They deliver companies with smart technology, content marketing expertise, and assessed creative talent – journalists, photographers, designers, videographers, and all things in-between. They have some of the best content marketing brands as their clients. They have recently named one of Inc Magazine’s 100 fastest-growing private companies, and received an ASJA award for investigative reporting.

Let’s indulge bit in capturing the difference pictorially.

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