A Digital Marketing Expert’s Take on Increasing Website Traffic by Leveraging Social Media


The biggest challenge for online marketers after building a website is to get it to be seen by the target audience. Even though you have the opportunity to drive organic traffic with search engine optimization, it can still take a lot of effort and time, not to speak of money, to get the results that will justify the investment. With the worldwide popularity of numerous social media platforms, not only has it become easier to engage with the audience but also to leverage them to drive traffic to the website. Some simple tips for harnessing the power of social media to generate organic traffic for your website:

Maintain Consistency in Branding

When you have gone to great lengths to ensure that your website reflects your brand identity, it would be a great pity to fritter away the memorability by having social media accounts that look different. You need to ensure that all your online presences are consistent because that is a prerequisite for building confidence and trust. Having a distinct brand identity permeating all the online platforms also results in heightened brand awareness and brand image reinforcement with every exposure a user gets. The various online media profiles also must have the same personality because otherwise, the difference will only confuse followers for Instagram and other social media networks.

Use the Right Keywords in the Bio Section

With the crowding in every social media platform, your posts will tend to go unnoticed unless you take the precaution of inserting the right keywords in the bio section. These are the search terms used by people to look for specific topics of their interest and by using the most appropriate keywords your account stands a better chance of being included in the search results. The bio should be framed in a way that people can quickly figure out who you are, what you do and how you may be relevant to them. Including your website URL is a smart way of driving more traffic to your website for those who are seeking detailed information or answers to specific queries. In these days when local search is becoming very important, you will do well to also include your location in your bio.

Benefit From CTA Buttons

Posting interesting content is all very fine but usually, you will need to encourage your followers to do something more to take them further along the sales funnel. Include CTAs that instigate him to visit your website, read your blog, or subscribe to a newsletter, etc. that will help in engaging the user more.


Social media is all about being social so you should always make it very simple for people to share content they find interesting on your website or blog. The multiplier effect of users sharing your blogs is huge and even if it doesn’t go viral, you can expect a substantial jump in your website traffic. Joining social media communities also has the same effect as you can very easily participate in discussions and share content that is useful to others.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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