How to Ensure Your Office Printers are Safe and Secure


When it comes to protecting data, businesses around the world go above and beyond to ensure that all information connected to them remains private.

However, sometimes it’s easy to underestimate how important it isto protect your business’ most valuable documentation.

Printing a duplicate copy, or disposing of printouts negligently, can make your business prone to a security breach.

Printers can be viewed as a non-threat when it comes to hackersbut those that can connect to Wi-Fi, could be targeted by certain outsiders wishing to steal data.

To find out how you can protect your office printers, there are a few security measures you can take to keep your data under wraps. Read on to discover how youcan guarantee that your printer remains safe and secure:

Buy from a trusted manufacturer

When it comes to purchasing a new printer for your office, you should always purchase a model from a trustworthy manufacturer.

Just purchasing a well-known brand manufactured printer doesn’t guarantee that you’re getting a good printer.

It’s important to read about the model in-depth, and see whether it has the features to provide thelevel of security you need.

Read reviews of the product too, as there you have a first-hand customer analysis, potentially detailing how the model’s security features have either worked or failed for them.

Someall in one printers offer additionalprinter security features compared to standard printers but it is advisable tocheck out HP printers, as they are renowned for being particularly difficult to tamper with.

Keep printers in a visible area

Another way to keep your printer protected is by simply keeping your eyes on it.

If you’re using a printer that is shared by a huge office, it’s possible that someone other than you couldget their hands on your confidential documentation, such as pay slips.

When you purchase your new office printer, make sure to place it in eyesightto ensure that this issue doesn’t occur.

Keep them password-protected

For printers with this security measure available, make sure that your model is protected by a password.

Protecting a printer in this way is simple and should only take a matter of minutes.

Firstly, you need to download your printer’s software to your computer browser, before installing the manufacturer’s software. whilst your printer is connected.Once everything is downloaded, input a password that only you and your colleagues can remember, so nobody else can access your printer model.

You can restrict the number of people using the printer in your office by assigning the model to particular user accounts on your system.

Use on a stable Wi-Fi network

A security breach of your printer can occur when you’re using a poor or insecure Wi-Fi connection.

Printers, due to their connectivity and data storage features, are as prone to attacks as computers.

To stop hackers accessing your documents and data, make sure that you protect your office Wi-Fi with a WPA2 encryption. It’s also important to continue to update manufacturer software updates when recommended, as each update enhances the security more.

By taking these tips on board, you’re going to guarantee that your printing is as safe and secure as ever. However, an alternative you can use would be to clear your data manually, so you’re covered from all angles.

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