A Guide to Efficient Business Communication


The telephone is as essential in business today as it was 30 years ago, and despite the emergence of the Internet, phone calls continue to dominate the way we trade, and this is not likely to change anytime soon. The technological advances have been good to us, and the smartphone is a truly amazing device that enables the user to call anyone, anywhere, at any time or location. This is something that, only 20 years ago, would have been the stuff of science fiction, yet today, more than 2 billion people are attached to their smartphone during their waking hours.

Communication at a Price

This wonderful ability to make calls to anyone, anywhere does come at a cost, and the traditional telecommunication giants have long enjoyed massive profits, but just like the music and movie industries, technology has enabled people to have alternative options. You can now download a popular song for a dollar, whereas a few years ago, you had little choice but to buy the disc or tape, and it would be much more than a dollar. For decades, businesses have put up with the exorbitant charges for phone calls, as there was no alternative, but with the arrival of VOIP that has now changed.

Web Based PBX

The traditional PBX system was critical for many businesses, and even that required a lot of resources to run and manage, but with a web based portal, you can login from any location, at any time, and use the VoIP phone to make calls. Bluetooth wireless headsets make for convenient calling anywhere, and providing you have an Internet connection, you can kiss roaming charges goodbye and utilise the savings to benefit the business.

Choose your Numbers

The ability to select any international number gives you many options, and with 0800 numbers available, your critical customer support will be efficiently handled. You might, of course, prefer to keep all your existing numbers, and with port call forwarding, this can easily be configured. You can even set up a foreign number that has a foreign local code and no one will ever know that the call originated from another country. This means you can effectively control and manage foreign branches of your company, and your clients will think you are at your local branch office, when in actual fact, you are in the UK.

Consult the Professionals

If you want to reap the benefits of VoIP, you need to talk to a market leader, and there are reputable online organisations that are dedicated to streamlining a company’s telecommunications using VoIP. The system can be configured to suit any business, and you can easily login at any time and see who is calling who, and for how long. There is also an option to record all calls, which is an excellent way to resolve conflicts, should they ever arise.

The current technology allows the business owner to really manage the phone communication, and by using the Internet, your costs will be much lower.

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