Amsterdam the place to host an event in 2016


Although Amsterdam is not the first city that comes in mind when organizing an event or a summit in Europe, it has become a “city of opportunity” like Pricewaterhouse Cooper called it on a paper released on 2014.

In the last years, the events industry has become a source of growth and development for the city, creating thousands of jobs and developing companies related with the events organization industry.

Finding exhibition stands in Amsterdam for example is relatively easy, and you can find professional and high quality suppliers that will help you plan your event logistics.

Why organize your event in Amsterdam:

Considered one of the top destinations to host an event on 2015, Amsterdam offers several advantages that makes it the ideal city to organize your event, some of these advantages are:

– Beautiful sights: if you are organizing an international event with guests from around the world, Amsterdam is a very attractive city with world class museums and an interesting cultural and nightlife that will appeal your attendants.

– Culture: this has been one of the main “hooks” tourist providers use to sell the city; culture has been the best Amsterdam ambassador and has made the city

– Communications: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is connected to the city by train, the city also offers different mobilization options like bicycle, TRAM or Taxi, and the City Hall is currently working on an optimization plan that will integrate even more its transportation infrastructure in order to improve urban mobility.

– Hotel infrastructure: although some consider price per night in Amsterdam hotel´s elevated (is higher than the European average) the city has a pretty decent offer of business hotels with many facilities, and they are working to expand their hotel offer by adding more rooms to improve their hotel capacity.

– Professional suppliers: finding professional event suppliers is the key for a successful event, and Amsterdam offers several options that make it competitive city within the European context.

So next time you think about organizing an event in Europe, you must keep in mind the largest city in the Netherlands and one of the most promising European capitals: Amsterdam.

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