Apps to send money. What expenses to share with your friends


Nowadays there are different solutions that allow us to share expenses with our friends quickly and easily. It’s no longer necessary to go to the supermarket to look for cash or make cumbersome bank transfers with commissions.

Thanks to an app to send money you can send money from one smartphone to another with just a click, quickly and safely. This way you make sure that the expenses between friends are always well shared.

But what expenses can I share with my friends?


Rent and bills

If you live in a shared apartment this is possibly one of the main expenses that you share. At the beginning of the month one of you may pay the landlord the full amount of the rent, then each can pay his share through the application without making the one who has paid wait.


Services like Netflix or HBO are now almost mandatory in most homes. Did you know that within each Netflix account you can have multiple users? That is, you can pay for a single account between 3 or 4 friends while each one of youenjoys watching series and movies from his home. So one pays Netflix, and the others pay him their share through the App.


When you go out for dinner paying separately can be a nightmare for the waiter, in fact many times you will not even be allowed to. The simplest in such cases instead of looking for change is that one pays the entire account, then you divide among all the diners and each one transfers the money through the app instantly.

Gifts in common

Is it a friend’s birthday and you want to give him a surprise? Easy. Instead of having each one go with their cash, the simplest thing is for the one who has had the initiative to buy the gift and then tell each one how much money they have to pass through the app. Easy, fast, simple and discreet. Perfect for these occasions.


Planning a trip involves a lot of expenses that must be shared. Beyond the plane or train tickets you also need to pay for accommodation, car rentals, guided tours, meals, etc. Apps to send money usually have a functionality to create a common boat, to gather the money of the trip.

As you can see, these apps make our lives much easier and make accounts between friends always clear. Have you downloaded it already? Do it and check out the great benefits of sharing spends with your friends through these apps to send money.

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