Arcasoft launched PowerPoint ShortcutTools 3.0 to increases PowerPoint productivity


Microsoft® PowerPoint®, in contrast to other Microsoft Office applications, unfortunately does not offer the option to assign user defined keyboard shortcuts to its commands.

That’s the reason why arcasoft solutions developed PowerPoint ShortcutTools 3.0. The PowerPoint add-in allows setting user defined keyboard shortcuts for specific PowerPoint commands.

To execute PowerPoint commands the user is most often required to click on a menu item or toolbar button resulting in time consuming mouse movements and switching between mouse and keyboard. Commands such as aligning, distributing, grouping, or resizing objects need to be executed hundreds of times during the design of PowerPoint presentations. The use of keyboard shortcuts, while drawing PowerPoint slides, increases productivity since mouse movements are significantly reduced.

Here are some examples on how to work with PowerPoint ShortcutTools: Press ALT +1 to align selected objects to the left or press ALT + Q to group selected objects. While watching a presentation in the slide show mode, press ALT+P to print out the actual slide. Further more ShortcutTools gives the user full control over alignment commands. All selected objects are aligned to the last selected object.

If detailed drawing is required, press F1 and the selected object is zoomed in. After finishing the detailed work another press of F1 zooms out again. Remember that all mentioned shortcuts are freely adjustable to user defined key combinations.

In addition to the assignment of user defined keyboard shortcuts to existing PowerPoint commands, PowerPoint ShortcutTools contains a number of new features fully accessible through keyboard shortcuts: For example: Make objects same size, increase object’s width, height or size. Did you ever have the problem of resorting objects on a slide? To sort selected objects vertically in the order they were selected with the mouse, press ALT+S. For people working a lot with numbers the “Addup Textfields” command is very useful to check sums and add up numbers. Simply press ALT+A to add up the numbers contained in the selected text fields. The result is displayed as well as copied into the clipboard for further use.

Arcasoft Managing Director commented: “We are delighted to offer PowerPoint users the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to their most used commands as well as several new useful features. Our research shows that the use of PowerPoint ShortcutTools increases productivity of PowerPoint intensive work significantly. “

To try out all the features, visit the website, where a fully functional evaluation copy can be downloaded immediately. PowerPoint ShortcutTools is available for purchase from the website for USD 29.

For more information, or to download the 30-day trial version, visit

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