Are You Trying To Write Your Own Business Essay


Whether you are a student or employed in any organization, you need to write essay on any business related topic as part of your assignment. If you are writing such essay for the first time then reading this small article can be helpful for you. Your essay must be well written so that the person reading your essay may get convinced with your ideas and try to implement it in real life situation. Following are few ideas for writing business essay.

Start analyzing the real issue

You have to decide exactly what are the issues that you want to discuss in your essay? Having done that, you have to analyze everything that is connected with the issue. As an illustration suppose you have chosen the issue of increasing the productivity of your organization, which is in the business of certain industrial product. Now the productivity of your company is dependent on number of factors like manpower, machine, process and raw materials etc.

Now you have to take each of these items and think of some innovative suggestions that you can offer, so that it may result in increased productivity. Similarly, you can select any other topic and identify its various important components and start thinking about some ideas related to that.

Do little research about your issue

It is not necessary that all ideas about the issue are available with you only. There are many others might have also encountered with similar issues. Therefore, you can either discuss with those people or search on the internet or any other official magazines or journals for any new ideas.

If you try to look with an open mind then you can find endless sources from where you can pick up few smart ideas that you think is relevant to your topic. Make a note of these ideas which you will need when you are going to start writing your essay.

Make an outline of your essay

Before you start writing you must try to organize your thoughts so that you can put them in sequential manner so that it can make proper impact in the mind of your reader. Using following format can make your presentation more logical and also add value to your essay.

  • Introduction

Here you can give brief explanation about your issue for which you are going to discuss in subsequent paragraphs. Introduction should be given in such a manner that it can focus your reader about the topic that you want to elaborate.

  • Background

You must also give some background information about the topic as why this is important. What is the present state of the problem and what you want to achieve with your presentation.

  • Finding

Here you can give your details about your ideas and action that you are going to propose. You must also explain in detail why you thought of this suggestion that you are proposing and what are the various advantages of implementing your ideas. You must also suggest some implementable action plan.

  • Conclusion

You must conclude your essay with some positive note

  • References

You must acknowledge various resources from where you got your ideas.

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