Beginners guide to lifts for different industries


Level Lifts supply a range of platform lifts that can be tailored to your needs and wants, it’s about choosing the one that suits your industry most appropriately.

Depending on your business, Level Lifts can design a platform lift that suits the requirements of your service users. Every industry has a unique purpose, it’s about identifying which lift will be the most convenient for yours.

Here’s how platform lifts are used for various industries:

Food and drink.

If you work in the food and drink industry, your facility could benefit from the installation of a platform lift. Any building that is 2 stories or more will require one of Level Lifts platform lifts in order to adhere to health and safety legislations.

Why not improve the delivery of food? If you have to access various levels to take food to customers, you may have to take the stairs, this is not ideal for a number of reasons, one of which being that it’s not safe to climb stairs when you’ve got your hands full; not only could this end up disastrous leading to food being dropped on the floor and culinary being smashed, you could end up injuring yourself!

For your business to boost its reputation, it’s suggested that you install a platform lift that provides your staff easy access between floors when transporting food.


Needless to say, that we live in an ageing population and the demands for healthcare and treatment is on the increase. Your healthcare facility needs to be fitted with the latest technologies and equipment to offer the best service for your patients.

Elderly patients who have limited mobility will require a platform lift, like the open vertical platform lifts available at Level Lifts. For service users who experience difficulty with their mobility, negotiating stairs can be detrimental- hence why it’s so important you install a platform lift.

Open vertical platform lifts are perfect for transporting beds to and from wards, they prioritise safety without making any compromise to the environment. As well as this, they are reliable and complement the environment.


The platform lifts that are used to transport warehouse materials from one location to another are often referred to as “goods lifts”. These are heavy duty lifts that have been designed to withstand immense pressures and conditions.

Carrying products across various levels will be difficult and particularly strenuous, hence why your industrial business needs a platform lift- to prevent any injuries from occurring. A goods lift from Level Lifts will increase accessibility and functionality, ultimately improving the work efficiency of your business.

An example of one of the goods lifts available for purchase at Level Lifts includes the trolley lift. This is used to guide the weight of heavy materials, reducing the likelihood of you aggravating your muscles.


Platform lifts are used in retail too. It’s obligatory that the lifts are inconspicuous, providing a natural blend with the surrounding environment. If your shop is multi-storey, you’ll need to install a lift to provide easy access for wheelchair users, otherwise, you could be seen as discriminating against those with a disability!

Without taking up valuable floor space, you want your platform lift to add quality to your shop. Choosing an inclined platform lift from Level Lifts will prevent the need for your customers having to negotiate stairs. The inclined platform lifts operate parallel to the stairway and allow customers to ascend or descend with ease, without having to climb out of their wheelchairwhich they would have to have done previously if they wanted to access other floors!

The range of platform lifts for wheelchairs at Level Lifts, including the semi-enclosed lifts and the open vertical platform lifts, are extremely efficient but also easy to maintain.

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