Benefits of Installing Refrigerated Air Conditioning


Australian cities do suffer from intensely hot summers, and Melbourne is no exception. The city can experience incredible heat during the summer months, forcing its residents to seek shelter wherever possible. Most homes and commercial enterprises choose to install a high-quality cooling system, one of the best on the market is a refrigerated air conditioner.

If you’re looking for an effective, reliable cooling system, here are 4 reasons why you should select a refrigerated model.

Available Annually

You may think that a refrigerated air conditioning system is only good for use during the summer when it gets too hot outside, but this state of the art equipment doesn’t only cool your home or business when the temperature starts to rise. It is vitally important to have a quality cooling system when its warm, but that doesn’t mean your unit should sit idle for large portions of the year collecting dust. You may think that you’ll need to invest in a heating system once the winter sets in, but you’d be mistaken. When the temperatures begin to plunge, your refrigerated cooling system has a trick up its sleeve. These units are versatile, they have a reverse cycle installed, which allows users to switch from cool to hot air. Your only other, more costly option, is to purchase two separate units, an air conditioner and a heating system.

Decrease Airborne Pathogens & Compounds

If you suffer from airborne allergies, a substandard air conditioning unit can have a negative impact on your health. Air cooling systems such as air conditioners function by adjusting the air in your property, this allows a wide range of harmful pathogens to circulate around the area.

One of the main issues with people who suffer with allergies is being in a humid environment which promotes bacterial growth. A refrigerated air conditioning installation means fitting a system which dehumidifies the air, getting rid of harmful pathogens.

Manipulate Multiple Environments

One of the best things about installing a refrigerated air conditioner in Melbourne is that you can control several rooms as opposed to just one. If you are in an office environment, it is highly inconvenient having to jump from one room to the next trying to find a comfortable setting. Refrigerated systems have centralised vents meaning you can set various temperatures in different places.

Less Noticeable

Refrigerated air conditioning units are less intrusive than other products on the market. You may not be choosing a unit on appearance, but if you’re working in a confined space, it will feel even smaller with a large cooling machine hanging over your head. The internal fitting of a refrigerated unit can be easily hidden in your roof and surrounding walls.

There are numerous benefits associated with installing a refrigerated air conditioning system, they are available to buy at an affordable price from leading suppliers throughout Melbourne. They come with multiple settings that allow you to control more than one environment, they’re less intrusive than other models, and they include a dehumidifier which is great for people with allergies.

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