Bike to work scheme administrators


Transportation is a key aspect of any company, big or small. Businesses can either provide employees with suitable means of transportation or let them decide on how to get themselves to work. Thanks to salary sacrifice schemes, there has never been a better reason for employees or even employers to forget their cars and bike to work. Working with the right bike to work scheme administrators, you can help your employees save a whole lot of money. The general idea is to provide them with a much better option for commuting to work, which also has lots of benefits to the environment. Cycling to work is an easy and cost-effective way that has a good effect on employees – this basically includes the health benefits. There are several reasons why you should consider the services provided by bike to work scheme administrators.

It gives your employees better health

When you make use of the services provided by bike to work scheme administrators, it you will see major health benefits as you make biking your means of commuting to work. Team Rewards basically provides these services to help employers make the best of their salary sacrifice schemes. Employees will be able to burn excess body fat, gain tighter abs and build leg muscles all from spending fifteen to thirty minutes a day riding to work. You generally feel good when you bike to work, as your body is able to inhale the fresh air as you are out on the road.

Amazing cost benefits

It goes without saying that biking is far cheaper than driving or using public transportation, so the savings to be gained by using your bike as a means of transportation can add up over a long period. Bike to work scheme administrators help you save money. It will cost you less to keep your bike running efficiently than it would to keep your car performing well. The most common costs to be encountered from making biking a regular habit are from tyre flats, replacing basic bike parts which are cheap, this is even more so because you can easily find used or cheap bike parts for sale at your local neighbourhood bike shop. The services provided by Team Rewards at will handle your bike to work needs.


Bike to work scheme administrators provides efficiency

Opting for a good bike to work scheme administrator means your employees can commute to work in a very efficient manner. If you live only a few minutes away from your work place, biking can be more time efficient than public transportation or driving. Team Rewards provides the best bike to work scheme administrators that can help your business. By choosing to bike to work every day you are making a huge impact on the planet by reducing carbon emissions from driving. Not only are you receiving personal benefits, but also you are making the world cleaner and greener with each day that goes by.

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