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Black mold; health hazards and control

Water damage may cause the growth of different types of molds and mildews within the first 2-3 days in the flooded area due to the presence of moisture. These molds can cause serious health problems if not treated properly. One such kind is a black mold that may cause asthma, damage to the internal organs, mental sickness and even death.

Health problems caused by black mold include:

  • Skin diseases and allergy
  • Mental sickness
  • Tiredness and discomfort
  • Reproductive system diseases
  • Circulatory problems
  • Eye problems
  • Respiratory illness
  • Immune system problems

Most of the time, mold grows in humid places and a substrate that supports its growth. Food for these molds is provided by different materials present in the house or office place like carpets, containing undetectable dust particles, drywall and plywood. After a building has faced water damage, mold starts growing in the walls and deep spaces and when the appropriate amount of humidity is present, it again becomes active. You can take some initial steps to prevent the mold from further spreading until the professional help arrives. First of all, remove the source of moisture that is causing the mold to grow. Secondly, cover the affected area with thick plastic sheets and duct tapes from further spreading it in the area. But you need to cover yourself properly before coming in contact with the mold. As it is hazardous for health, you need to look for the contractors for black mold removal in order to prevent their growth.

Black mold

Initially, the black mold may be detected by the smell it produces as it is invisible to the human eye. But as the time passes, mold forms visible colonies and the hazard increase significantly. It is usually present on the wallpapers, panels, ceiling, frames, leaking pipes or wood.

The first step the professionals take is to remove the humidity as it is the basic reason for the growth of mold. Different types of dehumidifiers are present that remove the moisture depending on the type of material affected. Secondly, contractors for black mold use different kinds of detergents to remove the mold and prevent further fungal growth. Type of disinfectant used depends upon the type of material and fabric that needs to be restored.

It is very important for the workers to take precautionary measures like wearing coveralls that protect them from coming in contact with the mold to avoid diseases. Only such professionals should clean the molds who have acquired proper training in this filed. They should wear protective uniforms and cover their faces and eyes with masks and safety glasses. Hands should be covered with rubber gloves. Vacuums and detergents are used to wipe the mold and it is properly disposed off to prevent further harm. Equipment used for mild removal includes thermo graphic camera (thermal imaging cameras), humidity gauge (to measure the amount of humidity present), bore scope (flexible cameras to detect mold presence in narrow spaces) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including gloves, goggles, coveralls and respirators.

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