Can one get PDUs for free? Places to Search for Free PDUs


Yes! You can surely earn PDUs for free. You can, surely, invest ample lot of money on managing high-price training and meetings. Or you can use the advices that come behind and slit the charge of handling your PMI documents.

The PM Podcast: The PM Podcast is a free podcast including all sorts of project management subjects comprises interviews with professionals. If your recertification cycle comes to an end before that you can always formally request up to 30 PDUs.

Company Conferences: These will be normally restricted to only a pair of PDUs per recertification cycle, but yes, any free PDUs are superior to none, correct? You can rightly reserve a PDU for an organization conference in specific situations. Expert bodies that hold conferences with a learning element, like a group study or networking programme that has a forum or play, would comprise here.

Reading: Yes, you can profess free Online PDU Courses for reading! Not novels, actually. Independent reading connected to the documents that you hold will include towards your PDU on a whole.

Working as a Professional: Working in your day job let you to use your expertise, and consequently makes them better. You can write down time invested doing the work of a project manager as long as it’s pertinent. So, a two-day company meeting on the calculated business aims for the proximate year wouldn’t include, but time invested getting ready for and organising project board conferences, working with your project promoter, providing transmission material about your project, and so on would all donate.

  1. Giving a Speech: Time to show that public speaking expertise. Providing a Speech to your colleagues or your local project management community is the best way to impart knowledge that officially and straight away connects to your documents.

Produce Content: Additionally, you can include the hours spent putting together your content. PMI provides issuing opportunities through Knowledge counter and the content you produce and publish here can include towards your PDU on the whole and will only charge you intellect and time. Impart your speech on Slide Share or upload a video of your speech to YouTube.

Webinars: Webinars are frequently given by well known project management training companies and are made accessible for free, although you’ll likely have to pay attention to a sales pitch at the end. Go through with the organizer about whether or not you can profess PDUs as an outcome of attending. If the speech is planned for an hour, taking out time for immaterial content and a question and answer bout you could likely still claim a tiny part of a PDU Webinars for the educational content that was conveyed?

Keep in mind, your PDU activity could be inspected at any time and you could be inquired to give reasons of your learning and constant expertise growth through these ways. Don’t increase your PDU record with doubtful activities. There are immense of truthful ways to educate, grow and claim PDUs for free as long as you need them out. Learn more by visiting our website.

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