Can We Save The Universal Ecosystem By Crowdfunding?


Every organism is tuned to survive within a certain ecosystem. These ecosystems may be terrestrial, aquatic, arboreal etc. But that alone does not define an ecosystem. The entire system of plants, animals, micro-organisms etc. living together in harmony with the non-living elements of their environment can be termed as an ecosystem. Usually the living elements in an ecosystem is called biodiversity. Ecosystems are fragile. And messing up with one element of the ecosystem can result in large scale damage by messing up the delicate balance on which ecosystems run.

Much has been said and done on saving ecosystems. But the problem environmental activists face most of the time is the inability to fund their activism. This may include legal expenses against illegal acts of deforestation, building of dams etc. Or these may be expenses incurred in order to plant trees, teach self-sustainability and much more. The need for money is great in this line of work. There is a gap in the market with respect to obtaining this money. Either they come from NGOs who in turn get their funding from international organizations. Rarely, they come from governments. Crowdfunding India can help fill this gap in the market for funds. So, if you are an environmental activist looking for funds and hate waiting in long lines, you could start a fundraiser in a crowdfunding platform like Impact Guru.

So, what can crowdfunding India do for the country?

Scenario 1: Say you want save a river by obstructing the construction of a dam which would harm the ecosystem in terrible ways? In this case, you need to litigate against the construction of the dam. To make a case would require huge amounts of research work and legal expenses. This is where crowdfunding comes in.

Scenario 2: Say you want to plant trees on a large scale. You want to plant forests. Or make Green Belts like Wangari Maathai. You would need funds for it on a massive scale. You would also likely anger a lot of authorities so do not expect to get much governmental support. In such cases you will need funds to carry out your project and legal aid to battle the government. This, you can get from crowdfunding India. Thus, an online movement for democratization of resources (crowdfunding) can lead to a lot of activism in the field of environmental conservation. Medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding are two areas crowdfunding has really, really worked well.

To wrap it up, I would suggest that when you write your fundraiser for a crowdfunding platform, do make it lucid and provide solid documentation if you have it. This convinces potential donors of the legitimacy of the fundraiser. It dissuades them from thinking that you are not a scammer. To help you do this, Impact Guru has campaign managers they allot to every project.

So, do not worry if your language or people skills are not amazing. We can help you with this. Remember that crowdfunding can save your ecosystem and fund your good work. So keep it up!

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