CIM Qualification and Training


Introduction to CIM

One of the best investments into future career prospects and skills that any marketing professional can make is to get the Chartered Institute of Marketing certifications and training. The Chartered Institute of Marketing is the biggest body of marketing professionals that is responsible for coordinating and accrediting practical training and qualification to all levels of marketers, from beginner level to advanced.

As a marketing professional, the CIM provides an opportunity for any marketer to develop his skills and be better equipped to provide high-quality services to their employers. CIM qualification also allows the marketing professional to increase his knowledge base across subjects like strategic marketing, digital marketing, marketing analytics and metrics.


Why is the CIM Qualification Training important?

There are a lot of benefits from having CIM training for the professional marketer today

Better employability

Having a CIM certificate from an accredited partner today is not a guarantee of getting a job in Marketing but it puts you on a level above most applicants who are not qualified. This is because having completed CIM training guarantees employers that you will be bringing more to the table than other similar applicants.

Employers today need people who have practical knowledge and experience in addition to academic knowledge because practical experience helps the new hire settle in faster and be better adaptable to a fast-paced working environment. Recent surveys among marketers who got CIM qualification and training showed that more than 80% of them enhanced their career levels after they got certified.

International Accreditation

The CIM is a body that is built on international standards and so its certificates are acceptable around the world. This is especially important today where employment can be anywhere. Having an internationally accepted qualification and certification makes it easier for foreign employers to assess your skill level and desirability for their open positions.

Increased pay

Being CIM-certified sometimes is a prerequisite for senior management positions and other specialized marketing positions in most organizations. This alludes to the fact that having a CIM certification and training leads to higher pay than non-qualified people. This was further emphasized by the CIM’s marketing reward survey that is done annually. This survey is done by a world leader in pay and benefit consultancy, Croner. The results of the survey showed that on the average, a CIM member earns about 10% above industry average for non-CIM qualified members in their respective careers.

While this is no guarantee of earnings, this is a clear indication that having CIM qualification and training has financial advantages and is a worthwhile investment for any professional marketing with top management career aspirations.

Choosing an accredited CIM Provider


When choosing a CIM provider, look out for one that meets all the quality requirements of the certifying organization. One of the most highly-recommended providers in Dubai is Oakwood International.

Oakwood International is the largest provider of CIM training and qualification in the UAE and the premier provider in the region to attain the KHDA accreditation.

Their experienced consultants provide industry-best coaching and mentorship during their intensive program to help you be better equipped for your personal career aspirations. Oakwood also has a dedicated support unit that is accessible to all students throughout their journey to full CIM certification.

With more than 15 years in the industry of CIM qualification and training, there are fewer options that betters their offerings and value for money.

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