Cleaning The Valued Shades And Blinds In Perfect Manner


Our homes need to be maintained in perfect manners as regards cleanliness. All the things in the house require proper cleaning from time to time. Dusting the shades and blinds is all the more important. Shades made from delicate fabrics including silk require special care. Professionalism is needed to clean them.

Following may be considered when you think of blind maintenance:

* Wood and faux wood blinds – Make use of a clean and soft cloth, preferably the chemically treated dust cloth or dusting glove that are good for such cleaning. The blind may be lowered to full length followed by tilting the slats to closed position. The bottom rail may be held and thereafter the process of dusting may be started. The slats may be reversed and the process may be repeated. If there is hard dust then make use of a dampened microfiber cloth with warm water for wiping the slats. When the cleaning is completed then the slats may be opened and left for air drying. The blinds should be treated like wood furniture.

* Insulating blinds – Handheld vacuum brush may be used for dusting these blinds on a low setting. Lukewarm water is good for spot-treating such dirty areas with mild dish detergent. It is recommended to dab and not rub the fabric.

* Panel track shades – It is suggested to glide the vacuum dust brush over the panels for keeping them fresh during the process of blind maintenance.

* Roller shades – Take a well-wrung cloth or sponge that may be dipped in mild dishwashing detergent solution with warm water. Start wiping the shade in sections from the bottom to the top till the shade is cleaned in full. After this let the shade dry up by extending it in full length.

* Honey combs (cellular shades) – Use of a dusting tool is sufficient to clean these shades. Stains can be easily blotted using a sponge, mild dish detergent and lukewarm water and thus the process of blind maintenance becomes so easy.  

* Roman shades – Take the soft dusting brush of your vacuum and start cleaning the shades in gentle manners. Make use of a cloth dipped in mild suds if it is required. Remember not to saturate.

* Sheer Shades – It is recommended to vacuum with the brush attachment on the lowest suction setting as regards such shades. The dingy vinyl shades can be given a bath too if it is deemed fit. These shades may be covered in warm water in the bathtub. Squirts of mild dishwashing soap may be added and a soft brush may be used for cleaning the shades on each side. Be wise to rinse and air-dry the shades before re-hanging them.

Shades and blinds are the costly items and need to be cleaned well in gentle manners. Professional cleaners may be hired for the same. The above simple tips can prove their worth in maintaining them with thorough cleaning in perfect manners if you intend to do the task yourself.

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