Comparison between Wholesale and Retail Jewelry Store


Earlier before the internet age, people generally used to sell their jewelry either wholesale or retail way. With the popularity of the web, the way in which jewelry is being sold has changed exponentially.

In the present day, conventional wholesalers have started selling their peace of work to the ultimate consumer. Retailers, on the other hand, are selling to wholesalers. The thing that separates them from each other has become blurry.

When it comes to deciding the way how you will be selling your work, it makes sense to consider the pros and cons of these strategies. Also, measure the problems that can result when you select to sell wholesale as well as retail.

Wholesale Pros and Cons

The advantage of selling your jewelry “wholesale” is that a business has to perform fewer shows. Also, the orders you sell with this mode are larger. You do not need to work very hard to get your brand noticed in the market. In addition to this advantage, you also do not need to deal with many people, only a handful of people.

When looking at the cons of the process, you will find that the cost per piece offered by them is not favourable for the business. Thus, most of the jewellery business does not find it a profitable business. Check this site to know more about retail and a wholesale jewelry store.

Retail Pros and Cons

The benefit of selling your jewelry via “retail” mode is that you obtain your money quickly. You get the complete retail price of your jewelry piece. The drawback of this approach is that you need to do a lot work to get customers. It requires you to conduct more shows that involves large amount in traveling and establishing the business.


Selling both retail and wholesale can get challenging. If you wish to stay in jewelry business, it is a good idea to look at numerous income sources and then find out the available potential obstacles.

Above information would definitely help you by informing you about the advantages and disadvantages of retail and wholesale jewellery business. This is a new paradigm to run a thriving jewelry business.

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