Compressed Air: The Fourth Utility


One of the most important things to understand about compressed air is that it is a method of storing energy for future use. For the majority of applications, air is forced through a hose or other outlet from a tank specifically designed to hold the pressure in. When it is released from pressure, it becomes a very useful tool. If the air was not tightly contained in the tank, it would simply expand naturally and become part of the surrounding atmosphere. Proper control is key.

This basic concept is the foundation for a variety of systems that perform a number of tasks. Among the uses are such simple items as blowing away debris, and filling car and truck tires. But these are just the beginning when the use of compressed air systems is discussed. A few experienced companies have focused for decades on the design, manufacture and installation of these systems. They offer compressor packages, equipment, pipework, and point-of-use outlets that are carefully crafted to meet the client’s expectations and the necessarily high standards.

Useful in Many Industries

The list of fields in which compressed air can be useful is long and varied. Among the applications are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Ship Building
  • Energy Generation
  • Rail and Transport
  • Medical

Compressed air is often referred to as a fourth utility for industry, putting it at the level of electricity, water, and gas. When it is condensed under controlled conditions and its return to the atmosphere is properly controlled, it is one of the most effective tools a business can use. It can be stored safely for its intended use, and is widely used when other energy sources cannot be, due to fire or explosion hazards.

In the right conditions, this ‘utility’ is clean and safe. It can be stored in tanks or bottles away from the point of use if necessary, or it can be connected directly to the area of use in a carefully designed system. In fact, air tools are a great idea for foundries, steel mills, and other locations where the conditions tend to cause rapid degeneration of other tools.

Complete Systems and Service

Compressed air is generally one of the most energy efficient methods of performing industrial and commercial tasks. When a system is designed with meticulous attention to detail, the use of air as a utility becomes a reality. Using only high-quality piping and other components is key to making this happen.

When you work with a leading provider of quality systems, you have a partner from the moment the planning begins, to the actual use in your setting. These suppliers design, create and install equipment in a ‘turnkey’ process that allows the customer to begin reaping the benefits on time and within the budget. These experts will always be available for on-site service to ensure that the customer’s requirements are being fulfilled. No task is too large or too small when production is crucial to success. To make compressed air work for you, go with the best.

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