Condos for Sale In North York Have Their Perks and Downsides


Let’s talk about condo living. Condos for sale in North York are quite popular. But one has to keep one thing in mind that condo living is not suitable for every kind of family. Although there are many benefits of owning a condo, but you must first find out the pros and cons and then you can decide whether it could be suitable for you or not.

Let’s look at the positive side of condo living first.

Can enjoy many facilities:

Condos are found in larger communities and buildings. There are many shared facilities for the owners like swimming pool, fitness center, spas, libraries and cafés. Anyone living in the condos of that specific building can enjoy these facilities and that too without taking the hassle of maintaining any of these. Condo owners just have to pay monthly fee for the purpose of using these facilities.

Easy maintenance:

When you live in an independent house then you do have a lot of privileges of living fully private and independent life, but there are also a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder regarding the maintenance of the outdoors. Grass mowing, snow shoveling, roof and window maintenance and many such other chores need a lot of time, patience and effort. Not every person has time and skill to fulfill these routine jobs. So for all such people, a condo living is the best choice.

  • Affordability:

 Condos are usually much affordable as compared to independent of single family homes. it means that with the option of condos, many people who had the dream of having their own homes but they couldn’t afford, can now live their dreams.

Closer to prominent amenities:

Usually condos are built in the buildings which are located at prime locations. You will see such buildings located near big supermarkets, hospitals, schools and parks. It means that if you will live in a condo, then access to all these places would be very easy and affordable.

Now let’s have a look at some of the downsides of condos.

Slow appreciation:

If you invest in a condo for the sake of some good profits in the future, then it is not a very good choice. You should rather invest in single family unit homes. for most of the people, such independent properties are more attractive. This is the reason why the rates of such properties increase rapidly. Moreover, there are people who buy properties and plan to give them on rent. If you are also advised to buy independent property. You will not only get regular rent but the rate of property will also increase side by side.

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