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Data-Driven Insights: The Pros and Cons of Customer Experience Software

When we think about our customers, we think about how to provide them with the best customer service. We also think about what to do to ensure their loyalty and how to build long-term relationships with them.

But a crucial aspect of customer service is customer experience. This is often missed out by many entrepreneurs.

This refers to how you can assess a customer’s experience with your brand. You can use this information to make decisions on customer relationship management.

You want to consider customer experience software for doing this. This type of software helps you analyze the customer’s relationship with your company.

Here are the pros and cons of customer experience software:

Customer Communications

Customer experience software lets you keep track of all customer communications. You can access emails, requests, complaints, feedback, etc. in one place. This makes it easier to find out how customers are reacting to your brand.

For example, you can keep a count of how many complaints and positive feedback there is. If you find that the former is greater than the latter, you can figure out what to do to improve your product/service.

Customer experience software helps you communicate with your customers through one platform.

Let’s suppose you have 100 emails to answer. You might also have 200 Instagram DM’s to reply to. Within the software, you can see all these messages in one window pane. Then you can read, ignore, or delete these messages through the platform.


Analytics is an essential aspect of running a business. We analyze every part of our business from marketing campaigns to sales records. Customer experience software has a reporting service. This analyzes how your customers feel about your brand.

Let’s return to the previous example. You might want to know the ratio of complaints versus positive feedback. The software can show you a pie chart or bar graph that shows the ratio of these two metrics.

Looking at these reports help you make better decisions for your company. You’ll have a proper understanding of customer satisfaction with your products/services. You now have an opportunity to make better decisions for your company.

Rank Customer Requests

You can also rank your customer requests through the software. A small business cannot respond to several customer requests at once. You can rank your customer requests based on how urgent they are.

This makes it easier for your customer service representatives to know which requests to respond to. This simple action makes your customer service department more efficient.

You can also receive notifications when a customer’s requests get resolved. You can send notifications to your customer service department if a request hasn’t received a prompt response.

Improves the Customer Service Experience

Customer service improves through a customer experience software program. For example, you can first organize all customer requests and questions in one area. You can then send an automated response to all these requests. This can be a standard “thank you, we’ll get back to you” message.

You can then organize these requests into different categories. For example, you might wish to organize them by terms of difficulty. Requests that have simple answers can go into one category. In another category, you will place requests that need a technical explanation.

After organizing these customer requests, you send them to your customer service representatives. You also want to ensure prompt replies to these requests. You can assign a specific number of requests per customer service representative.

As one can see, this makes responding to customers much easier. You can also then record customer satisfaction after a conversation. This information gets recorded and added to your analytics reports.

Customer service is crucial for your company’s success. This feature alone makes customer experience software worth your investment.

Now let’s see what to do about the limitations of customer experience software.

Customer Service Requires Practice

This software makes it much easier to respond to customers. But, it doesn’t improve the quality of customer service.

You’ve got to make sure you train your customer service department first. Only after they know how to interact with customers should they learn how to use the software. You should try role-playing exercises to practice. This will include how to respond to customers and resolve an issue.

You should also install a mentorship program within the customer service department. Experienced customer service representatives can train and assist amateur representatives.

It Takes Time to Build Customer Loyalty

You want to devise a plan to build customer loyalty. Part of managing customer relations is to always keep in touch with your customers. You want to make sure that your customers use your products and service for years to come.

You’ve got to include customer loyalty as part of your marketing strategy. For example, once a customer buys a product you can send them a series of emails. These emails will serve as an introduction to the product and how to use it.

A great example to follow is the Ledger cryptocurrency wallet. As soon as you buy the wallet, you’ll get 4 emails on how to use the product. After the product is set up, customers receive regular emails encouraging them to provide feedback.

If a customer signs up for a service, you want to send regular communication on how to make the most of the service.

For example, after you sign up for MUBI’s video streaming service you’ll always receive great film recommendations in your email inbox. This ensures that MUBI subscribers always have something great to watch.

In both cases, these companies show their customers that the relationship continues well after the initial purchase.

Find Your Customer Experience Software

Now that you know the pros and cons of customer experience software, you can find the right one for your business. Make sure to train your staff on how to use the software. You want to also train them well in customer service to fill in the gaps that the software has.

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