Evolution of polyethylene bags from 1957 to 2010


Polyethylene bags have been in constant demand which has been observed in the past fifty years. Polyethylene bags were invented in the year 1899 in the country of Germany but were not in great demand and had not gained the immense popularity that they had in the last decade. The polyethylene bags started having a second life in the year 1933 in the land of Britain.

These bags which are made up of polyethylene materials were used for packaging in the country of United States in the year 1957. Right from the period, these bags started gaining extensive popularity all across the world. At present, the packaging volume of Polyethylene bags is counting in trillions per units every year.

The polyethylene bags of HDPE (High density polyethylene) types have become one among the most effective and affordable tools for marketing in the packaging industry. There are many kinds of polyethylene bags such as T-shirt bags, transparent packaging, bags with the path handles, polyethylene bags with loop handles, branded bags, trash bags etc. The thermoplastic is a polymer of ethylene which is used for packaging often pipes, containers.

This also acts insulating materials by many industries. This material is also used in the medical sector, especially for the cartilage replacement and the manufacturing of the amours like bulletproof vests. One of the highly demanded kinds of polyethylene bags are the bags that are branded and are used for marketing by various companies across the world.

These bags are professional, inexpensive and reusable. By using them, the manufacturing companies ensure that the products that these companies manufacture are safe and competitive. Using the bags that are made up of LDPE (Low-density polyethylene), the brand of any manufacturing company is marketed unobtrusively and naturally, it provides good service to the consumers and promotes the brand every time the consumers or the customers use the bags.

You can get websites of various manufacturers on the online platform with pricing and pictures of the polyethylene products for the needs of marketing of your products. You merely require locating a manufacturer who provides affordable products of polyethylene bags and conveys the specifications if you wish regarding ordering verities of plastic bags.

You would need to elaborate the kind of polyethylene bags that you require which can include the polyethylene pellets, polyethylene beads and polyethylene sheets. You also have to describe the details of the clarity of the film and the colour that you require in the packaging, like coloured, clear or white. Further, you also need to specify the strength and size of the bags that you need for packaging.

Some polyethylene supplier and companies are offering the manufacturing services by manufacturing of original bags which are catching the attention and praised. All that is required from your part is to look around and make a comparison of the available service or products. This will ensure you to take the advantage of this affordable and effective marketing tool.

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