Excavator Range by Kubota


Kubota has been manufacturing construction equipment since 1953 and has quickly become one of the leading names in high-end equipment and performance. The company has been supplying Australia for over 40 years with its superior craftsmanship in excavators.

Kubota offers a wide range of quality excavators ranging from the respectful 0.8-tonne model, right up to its heavyweight of the range in the 8.2-tonne model. Whatever machine you choose, it is sure to make light work of any job you have in mind.

Making the right choice of excavator to use can be tricky at the best of times, so Kubota has separated its products into two sections.

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KX Series

The KX series showcases the conventional swing range of excavators Kubota has on offer.

They vary in power and size, but all have the same work ethic underneath- which makes choosing the right one less of a challenge. Here’s the full range.

  • K008-3. The most compact excavator in the series, with its 10.3 HP engine it packs a punch and is ideal for those jobs with limited space, this is the most common mini excavator hire choice for plumbers, landscapers and small home improvement jobs.
  • KX016-4. One of the most popular excavators to be hired. At 1.5 tonnes, it is still classed as a lightweight machine. This machine has a variable undercarriage which improves accessibility on site.
  • KX018-4. This premium mini excavator comes in at 1.7 tonnes with a 17HP engine.

As with all Kubota excavators, it has a generous operator area. The truck also boasts many features.

  • KX033-4. This excavator is powered by a 24.8 HP Tier 4 engine. The machine is a force to be reckoned with for digging and its well-balanced bucket helps to complete jobs faster and reduce running costs.
  • KX044-4. One of the market leaders when it comes to technology. With reduced emissions, a reduced dB level, and an Eco Mode, you can save up to 20% in fuel costs.
  • KX057-4. Performs superbly in every situation. Powered by its 47.6 HP engine, this excavator is second to none in its class. With a digging bucket force of 4315kg, no job is too tough.
  • KX080-3S. This is the ultimate machine and Kubota’s premium excavator. It has a 70HP DI engine equipped with a 3 pump load-sensing hydraulic system. This allows the operator to multi-task using all the tools at hand with speed and efficiency and all from the comfort of a deluxe cab.

U Series

The Kubota U series is made up of non-tail swing excavators, and all machines are below 6 tonnes. The design and functionality of these exceptionally well-built machines are the envy of all their rivals. U series Kubota excavator hire is the most popular choice for companies in the construction and medium to large civil services industries. Here’s the full range.

  • U17-3. Powered by a 17HP engine, this well-packaged excavator will deliver on almost anything you throw at it and all within tight restricted areas.
  • U25-3S. Compact, versatile, and powerful for its size. The build quality and operator space are second to none, making those tough jobs less demanding.
  • U27-4. Built with multitasking in mind. The 20,8HP engine with 2 variable pumps allows the operator to use both boom and bucket simultaneously.
  • U35-4. Another formidable machine. Power and versatilIty should be its middle names.
  • U48-4. This machine is considered operator luxury – even making the most tedious of jobs less of a chore. This excavator is well built with nothing left to chance.
  • U55-4. Powered by a 47.6 HP engine, this excavator will not let you down. Now available with an optional angle blade for versatility. Compact, powerful, and good build quality.

Now all you have to do is choose what is right for you and the job.








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