Factors Affecting Cost of Container Shipping


In materializing plans of relocation overseas, safety of all your personal belongings and reliability of the shipping service seem to be major concerns. Only a reliable international shipping company can offer the service you look for. The cost of service might depend on the volume of goods and/ or distance travelled by the shipping process. The most cost-effective mode of transportation for international freight is by containers on sea. As the freight service on sea can take several weeks of transportation, it is a wise idea to plan the process well ahead of time to avoid rush and the ‘last moment anxiety’. It can save a large amount if the process goes ahead according to plan.

How to save by transporting in larger vessels?

Hiring a complete container for transport can increase the cost. In that case, content of the entire vessel is solely owned by you. However, you need to pay a larger amount just for becoming the owner of the container for a few days of freight service.

Smaller volume of content only partially fills the shipping container.  ‘Shared’ freight or ‘groupage’ shipping can reduce the cost of service. In such a procedure, a number of smaller consignments being shipped to the same destination are packed in the same container for consolidated shipping. While shared transportation reduces shipping cost, this type of an assignment might take more time to get started. All consignment must be ready before the ship starts its journey. So, along with reducing the shipping cost, this procedure might increase the time taken for shipment.

The usual sizes of shipping containers on sea are 20 and 40 feet. One transport container of 20 feet usually contains the entire stock of load in a 3 bedroom family house. However, 1 or multiple cars added to the load might require you to hire a 40 feet container.

Other considerations about shipping charges

Apart from the core container shipping charges, you might need to bear the costs of certain additional expenditure. Theoretically, the cost for international shipment procedure includes charges for freight container transport from ‘home’ port to the ‘destination’ port. However, most transport companies offer a door-to-door transport service at the same cost. A team from the removal company collects all things for transportation, right from your house and empties the container with all your belongings at the new address after picking it up from the destination dock. Some of the freight companies add to their charge for this additional bit of service.

Insurance fees, and other unforeseen expenditures at the destination location, can add up to the increased transport charge. Inspection fee, import duties are a few of the additional costs that can add to the expenses on your end. Not to mention that any unconventional delivery process due to restricted access to the destination address, carrying heavy objects to the higher stories of a building can make you pay more.

Cost: Air freight vs sea freight

Shipment on air is a good decision when the complete volume of goods is not large, while, freight service on sea is the cheapest process for transporting a heavy cargo. Before choosing an international container shipping service, it is important for you to do extensive research on its past record of delivering goods with care. After all your valuable goods are with them and you have to be completely assured of the quality of transport system that is worth your money and time.

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