Five Advantages of Acrylic Court Surfaces


The surface certain sports are played on can affect the health of players because they can become injured more easily. Falling on hard surfaces like concrete can result in scraped knees, elbows, and head injuries depending on where their bodies make impact with the court. Softer surfaces can help cushion falls and feel better on the body’s joints. Here are five advantages of acrylic court surfaces.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Acrylic surfaces can cover both indoor or outdoor basketball, netball, or tennis courts that need resurfacing. An acrylic resin can cover concrete or asphalt courts outside and indoor courts with wood sub-bases. Some manufacturers can also offer cushioning layers for courts at schools or playgrounds to minimise injuries that children receive if they fall while playing.

Attractive Surfaces

Acrylic court surfaces are available in several colours to create fun, attractive courts for athletes to play on and spectators to watch. Children may be more likely to play on a court with a colourful surface because it can may the sport look like it’s fun to play.

Professional teams and universities can select colours for basketball courts that match the teams’ or university colours, or local councils can select fun colours for playground courts that will attract young children.

Requires Less Maintenance

Acrylic surfaces are durable, so they require less maintenance than outdoor courts that often need to be repainted due to the exposure to the elements. Since they require less maintenance, the surfaces can save schools and communities money because they don’t need as much care as asphalt or concrete courts. They are also fade-resistant due to UV stable colours, and they help reduce glare too.

Easy to Apply

It is easy to apply the acrylic surface to outdoor courts made from concrete or asphalt. The only tool necessary to apply the colourful acrylic resin surfaces is a squeegee. Since they are evenly applied, there aren’t any joins or weak spots that cause the surfaces to be susceptible to deterioration from the weather, so they last longer than other types of surfaces.

Customisable Surfaces

During tennis or netball court construction, the surface can be selected to play either fast, slow, or at a medium pace. Being able to pick the speed of the court can help create more exciting action for players and spectators alike. Although paces may vary, the bounce on an acrylic surface is the same no matter where it is on the court, which doesn’t provide advantages to certain types of players.

If you need to select a new surface for an indoor or outdoor court, consider acrylic to provide durability, uniform play, and vibrant colours to create more exciting action for teams or players of all ages.

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