Five Benefits of Hiring Mobile Welfare Cabins


If your job involves working outside, it can be a miserable place to be on cold days. Fortunately, if you’re lucky, there will be someplace nearby to use the restroom and to step in from out of the cold or heat when you’re on break. For companies who hire welfare cabins for their job sites, here are some of the benefits that they provide.

Portable Restrooms

Arguably one of the most important benefits to having welfare units on job sites is providing restrooms for the work crews. The cabins give them a place they can go for privacy to do their business when on break or as needed. Most of the cabins also contain hand washing stations so they can maintain good hygiene, which may not be provided with regular portable loos.

Portable Break Rooms

Not everyone enjoys eating cold meals, especially in the winter, and the work crews won’t have to if the company hires welfare cabins. Welfare cabins equipped with generators have break rooms that offer microwaves for heating food and space for at least six people to sit down and eat or just rest. The room also has heaters so workers have a place to sit and get warm on cold days.

Drying Rooms

If it suddenly rains or an employee gets wet while working on the plumbing of the building being constructed, he or she doesn’t have to risk a cold by working in wet clothes. With a mobile welfare cabin hire, he or she can go inside the unit’s drying room, change clothes, and dry his or her wet ones. It will also give him or her a chance to get warm while waiting for his or her clothes to dry so he or she is less likely to become ill.

Easy to Move

When your crew is finished on one job site and needs to move to another, mobile welfare cabins are easy to move. They are designed to be lightweight and they can usually be towed by one person since they just need to be hitched to a truck to be moved. They are also easy to set up or you can have the company from which they were hired move and set them up.

Maintained by Company

When you hire welfare cabins, you don’t need to worry about refilling the water tanks or emptying the toilets. The company you hire them from will take care of this maintenance so there will always be drinking water available for the crew and the toilets will never be unusable when they are needed on site. Maintenance for the units can be set up as needed so if there is a large crew, they can visit the site more often to keep the cabins clean and supplied with water.

Mobile welfare cabins make it easier to provide crews with the facilities they need when on a construction or mining site. Most of them do not take up much space so they will easily fit on any site. They provide a place for taking breaks, staying warm, and enjoying a hot meal during meal breaks

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