Are you thinking of trying to move into the world of being a florist? You are not the only one. As one of the most enjoyable forms of making a living possible, being a florist allows for excellent freedom and control of your future. It’s a fun way to make a living, passing on love and happiness to the lives of many people while at the same time offering a glimmer of something different. It’s a way to make a living that ensures you have plenty of time to meet new people, learn about life stories and just spend much of your working day socializing and having fun!

However, becoming a florist takes no small amount of hard work, commitment and endeavour on your end. To help speed things along, we recommend that you give the following some consideration:

Where you learn matters. How you learn to become a florist really does matter: who you learn from is going to be play a major role in your progression or enjoyment. A floristry school in London, for example, can be a great place to learn. It puts you in the heart of creative culture, making it easy to inspire yourself and to find some fun in the mind-sets and mentalities of others. Where you learn does matter, as picking up the right habits as a florist is the first step to success.

What’s the long-term aim? You need to know where you want to be as a florist. Do you want to your own floral store? Or work as part of a floral chain? You can find out by taking a floral course. It lets you find out if you feel comfortable engaging with a role as an employee, or if you are looking to take that all-important next step as a professional otherwise.

Who is teaching you? Another major issue is who you are learning from. Just as where you learn matters, who is teaching you plays a major role in determining your chances of success and/or failure. Therefore, you can look to the help of professional experts such as Robert Honey to help make sure you are learning from floral masterminds who make sure you can start in the right way.

Do you have you own style? Being a florist means being creative and exciting. It means trying to add your own touch of charm to any look – this is something you can work with and learn about on courses. It allows you to find your creative spark and will make sure that, as time goes on, you are capable of improving and changing more about yourself.

It takes a lot of time and courage to get to this point, but it’s nothing that you should be scared of taking part in – history awaits, if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Being a florist is like being in any line of business: it needs special skills. To become a florist, make sure you take into account the importance of getting the right education. You wouldn’t open a lawyer’s office without the right qualifications, so why open a florist in that position?

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