Four key things that a good removal partner should bring


When you are planning a major move, uprooting your life in a manner of speaking and going from one city to another, it tends to be very stressful. There are normally a lot of things on your plate, a lot of variables and a lot to weigh up and fret about. The removal partner that you pick should not, in any way, add to your list of worries and concerns. They should be a salve or a balm to your sore. Their presence should be soothing. Pick the right partner and you are onto something good. Here is what a good partner will bring to the mix.


This might be the first time that you are relocating cities but for removalists Adelaide to Sydney is a weekly, if not a daily occurrence. Don’t work with somebody who doesn’t have experience. And their experience needs to be in a range of areas – obviously they need experience as removalists, but they should also be experienced in terms of the route that they are taking. If they are an experienced outfit that only does local moves, don’t go with them. Experience is critical and having experts who have been there and done that more times than they would care to remember is something that is worth paying for.


You don’t need to do it all yourself. The removal company employs people who are strong and who lift furniture for a living. So, don’t worry about how you are going to get the piano out the house or the billiard table down the stairs. None of that matters. That is what the removal experts will bring. And they will help you with the carrying on both sides of the trip. IE: packing and unpacking. You should just relax and tell them where they must all go.


A good removal company is reliable. They will recognise that they are moving all your most valuable possessions and they will do everything that they can do to convey a sense of safety and assuredness. Their truck should have plenty of tread on its tyres. There should be multiple wheels on each axle to ensure that a puncture is not a disaster. There should be blankets to help facilitate easy packing and to avoid friction from damaging your prized pieces. If you get the feeling that the removalists are unprepared or that they don’t know what they are doing, then you have hired the wrong people.


A good removal company will recognise that you are probably going to be a bit tense and jumpy and they will act accordingly. They should bring with them a sense of calm. While the move is urgent and they will undoubtedly be working to a schedule, they should be able to strike a balance between being too languid and chilled out and overly hasty and desperate to get a move on. Relocating is a process and a good removal company should enhance the process, not make it more tense or uncomfortable than it already is.

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