Health & Safety: Safety Signs Compliance At Work Premises


Health and Safety signs deal with all aspects of Occupation health and prevention of hazards. Although work provides various economic benefits it poses threat in the form of health and safety hazards while on duty. They also come in different forms and manner but not limited to physical, biological agents, chemical and allergens risk factors.

From mandatory signs, or warning signs to prohibition signs and more there are different types of Cube Safety Signs available that meets different requirements. These are also marked in individual colors such as, red, green, blue or yellow based on what is exactly written on it.

Some of the factors that affect the use of safety signs are discussed in detail below.

Physical Hazards

This is the most common hazard which affects many people in the workplace. Hearing loss is one of the most common work-related injury due to exposure to alarmingly high decibels levels of sound at work. Falls are also a common cause in a variety of industry like construction, transport, building and maintenance, healthcare and hospitality. Also, for employees working with machines which can cut, burn, stab, and wound if appropriate preventive measures are not taken to avoid it.

Biological & Chemical Hazards

Many of the workers working outdoors like farmers, construction workers are more susceptible to numerous biohazards like stings and bites. The same applies to chemicals present in the workplace which can pose a chemical hazard in the workplace. Regulatory bodies around the world have set the occupational exposure limits to alleviate the risk of chemical hazard.

Preventive Measures

Safety Signs

Safety signs are therefore important for a robust health and safety management. It is a sign referring to a specific object, situation or activity and providing information or instructions with the help of different means of verbal or non-verbal communication.

The basic objective of the safety signs is to bring to attention quickly and unambiguously to a potential hazard which can be caused by an object or a situation. Also, it is to be used only to provide information regarding safety and should not be used as a substitute for safety measures. People working in an environment where the system of safety sign is in place should be well informed about its use and constantly reminded about the hazards.

Safety sign audits for premises can be outsourced to a company like Cube Safety Signs who specialises in safety sign audits to comply with various health and safety regulations. It also helps save money which can result from any accident claims in the future. An audit consists of inspection of work premises to assess the suitability of existing safety signage and identify areas where signage needs to be updated to comply with existing regulations. Once the audit is completed, they would provide a jargon-free report which will indicate where and what type of signage is needed. This is to ensure that the workers are safe at all times and are aware of the risk beforehand and the premises is compliant to current health and safety regulations.

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